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[XTEnews]: Update on the Status and Future of RXTE


Update on the Status and Future of RXTE:

Dear Colleagues,

RXTE is currently carrying out Cycle 15 observations. NASA has
recently approved funding to continue scientific operations with
RXTE through approximately December 16, 2011.  This will enable
completion of most of the Cycle 15 program, and includes unique
opportunities to observe occultations of the Crab Nebula by the Moon in
the last few months of 2011.  NASA has not approved new FY 12 funding
for RXTE, hence decommissioning of the satellite and closeout of the
mission will begin at the conclusion of scientific observations in the
mid to late December 2011 time-frame.  On this schedule we would
expect closeout of the mission by the end of January 2012.  RXTE users
should plan accordingly.