LISA Pathfinder DRS Data Selection

This page supports filtering of data from the HEASARC mirror of LISA Pathfinder DRS (Disturbance Reduction System) data. Users may select a time range and one or more instrument modes of interest. They may also select which of the output extensions are to be included.

Archive data will be filtered to generate a single FITS file combining all rows meeting the requested constraints. The data will be returned as a multiHDU FITS file streamed to the user in a compressed data stream. An error will be returned if no data is found meeting the constraints or if no constraints are specified.

Please select dates and/or modes desired
Start time: End time:
Times in MJD days (dddddd.ffff) or UTC ISO format(yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.fff)
Instrument Modes:
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Output extensions:
(Default is all)
Use Submit constraints to initiate a FITS download, or Check size to quickly estimate the size of the download.