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Two minor bugs in APS2

A few bugs have been found in the APS2 software and I will be releasing
a new version next week. In the mean time, I want to alert users to
these bugs.

 o On the detailed budget form, the agency and agreement dates are
   swapped on the Latex form.  You can get around this by entering the
   agency as the agreement.date and vice versa. Or you can manually edit
   the Latex file. Or you can wait for next week's APS2 release which
   will fix this problem. Thank you to David Huenemoerder and Craig
   Sarazin for reporting this.

 o On the target form, if you enter extremely large values for some of
   the numeric fields, the program will sometimes crash. For example,
   if you try to enter 20000 for total.obs.time the program may crash.
   (Remember that total.obs.time is in ksec not seconds - so you should
   enter 20 not 20000). This problem will be fixed in the next version.
   I would like to thank Mark Birkinshaw for reporting and helping track
   down the source of this problem.

If you do find any other bugs in APS2, please supply as many details as
possible when reporting them.  This will help me track down the problem
quickly.  Important pieces of information to include are the operating
system (and version), the part of APS2 you were running (i.e., creating
a proposal, editing, etc.), any error messages, if the bug is
repeatable, etc.  One thing that is especially helpful is if you can
save your APS2 run to a log file and send that to me.  And please, if
you do find a bug, report it. If you don't, then it is unlikely that it
will be fixed.

Thank you for your time and patience,

Margo Duesterhaus, Proposal Manager.

Please send comments, questions and bug reports to