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ASCA operation status

Dear ASCA users:

In the last several days, we have been bothering by troubles in ground support
equipments for ASCA operation at KSC; one a problem of the cooling system 
of the antenna drivers, another problem the power drop of command transponder.
Last night we at last failed to rewrite and update onboard memories for 
attitude control parameters. As results, it is certain that we can get 
no exposure for EQ PEG (USJ; Pri-B, Linsky) and will get very small amount of 
exposure for HCG 94 (ESJ;Pri-A, Voges), assuming that we recover to normal 
operation during the time of KSC aquisitions of ASCA in this night. 

Next window of EQ Peg starts from November 27 and that of HCG 94 starts from 
November 23. I will allocate supplemental observations for those two targets
in late November.

We are working to repaire the degraded equipments and get stable operation
as early as possible. Yet we are forced to operate ASCA under 
somehow unstable condition of ground support equipments. 
Unfortunately, we ISAS have no dual-line backup system, but a single
dish and single operation system at KSC.
I wish your cooperation for this inconvenience.