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Dear ASCA users:

TOO observations of ASCA are performed by the following principle
according to the agreement of US-Japan Scientific Working group
	(1). Only very important targets will be accepted as TOO
observations. The TOO observation is decided by the manager and is
performed by his responsibility.
	(2). TOO observations are performed within the category of
Japan time. The ASCA manager will designate a principal inverstigator
for individual target among the Japanese ASCA operation team.
	(3). Japanese Co-Is are arranged by the PI and the manager
among the members of Japanese ASCA operation team. 
	(4) The ASCA manager is also able to invite one or a few foreign
investigators who have contributed to the TOO observation.

During AO1 period, we have performed four TOO observations. The list of
PI, Co-Is and invited Co-Is are follow:
Obs. Date	Target		Exp.	PI & Japanese	Invited	  Comments
				(ksec)	Co-Is		Co-Is
93 Oct. 24	SN1993J		40	Inoue		Non	  1st paper 
					Kohmura & TBD		  submitted
								2nd in prepa.

93 Nov. 10	GRS 1009-45	20	Tanaka		Non	  paper
					TBD			  in prepa.

94 Feb. 28	PSR 1259-63	10	Nagase		M. Tavani

94 May  4	SN1994I		40	Itoh		R. Petre
					TBD		W. Lewin

Best regards,
Fumiaki Nagase