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AO3 reception

Dear Japanese colleagues:

The deadline for ASCA AO3 is today, August 30, 1994, and I guess
many of you are yet fighting with your proposals.
When we confirm the reception of your e-mail submission, Paul is sending
back to you the reception confirmation for each proposal, 
which is automatically issued through the "Proposal Handling System". 
By some reason of the system or the network, occasionally the reception 
confirmations seem to fail to reach you. 
If you meet such inconvenience, please ask to Paul (paul@astro.isas.ac.jp)
and confirm the reception of your proposal(s).

Presumably, the "xray" network will be very busy today and some delay
of e-mail transmission will be expected. Don't worry, however, if you
submit your proposal(s) in time, since we can trace the time of submission.