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ASCA SHM event

Dear ASCA users:

ASCA has accidentaly transfered to POWER SAVE & SAFE HOLD MODE on November 7, 
07:20(UT) on the way of PSR0540-69(#5) observation at the third KSC aquisition
of the satellite. This was caused by sending wrong commands due to 
misunderstanding of OG-command numbers between the ISAS/SSOC and KSC operation
crew. No damage is expected on the system and instruments. We are now turning
on the system and setting parameters for the instruments to recover to the
normal observation mode. Schedule for recovery is as follows:

	Nov.  7:  system turn-on
	Nov.  8:  STT turn-on, program load, parameter set
		  GIS turn-on, program load, parameter set
	Nov.  9:  ACS turn-on, attitude determination
		  GIS parameter set (continue)
		  STT/ACS attitude parameter set
	Nov. 10:  Maneuver parameter set 
		  Return to normal observation mode.

The observation of SN1987A (100 ksec, PI: M. Itoh) {and possibly 
PSR0540-69(#6) (10 ksec, PI: F. Nagase)} scheduled during the period is 
cancelled and carried over to the next window during the period of GO-3. 
We expect that we can return to the regular observations at the observation 
of S5 0836+715 (PI: M. Matsuoka) starting at 14:50(UT) on Nov. 10 and 
thereafter we will be able to continue regular observations along the released
weekly schedule.
F. Nagase