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ASCA Cal data

Dear ASCA team members and ASCA users:

Nick White and I are planning to release ASCA calibration data according to
the following rule and schedule.

F. Nagase


        	        ASCA Calibration Observations.

Periodically ASCA makes observations of a number of standard calibration
targets in order to monitor the instrument performance. The results of these
observations are placed into the ASCA calibration database. Table 1 gives a
list of the calibration observations performed during the AO1/AO2 period.

  Table 1. List of calibration observations in AO1 & AO2 period
date	     target	 main item of calibration	1st PV observation
							of the target
93 11/3-    W49B	SIS gain cal. between chips	93 4/24

93 12/15    3C273	GIS/SIS high energy response	93 6/8
94 5/30     Pup A	SIS soft band cal/CTI		93 7/6

94 7/27-    Cas A	SIS CTI for all chips		93 8/1

94 9/28	    Crab	Fine tuning of response fn.	93 4/6
94 11/23    Cyg X-1	XRT/PSF as fn of E & position	93 10/23

After discussion within the ASCA team, and with the US project scientist it
has been agreed the data from these calibration observation should be 
released to the archive as follows:

1. For targets that were observed during the PV phase the subsequent
observations for calibration of the PV targets made during the AO time will be
released either at the same time when the PV phase data are released, or
within one month of receipt at GSFC if the PV data is already in the public 

2. If in future we use in calibration some targets that were not the PV
targets but observed by a GO, we adopt the same rule as 1, i.e. the 
calibration data will be released at the same time as the GO data. The 
instrument team will be prohibited from using the data for other purposes 
than calibration purpose. 

Based on this rule the following calibration observations will enter the 
archive as soon as the data can be processed: W49B (93 11/3), 3C273 (93 
12/15), Pup A (94 5/30), Crab Nebula (94 9/28 & 10/8) and Cas A (94 7/27) 
and Cyg X-1 (94 11/23) file in May 15, 1995.