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Mkf bug fixed: replacement mkf files now available

Dear ASCA PIs:

Earlier this year, we reported a bug which appeared in mkfilter when the
program was updated for the REV1 version of the GSFC processing
pipeline. This bug caused good GIS data to be erroneously rejected when
ascascreen was run with its standard screening criteria.

Although a simple way around the bug was made available soon after the
bug was discovered, the bug itself has now been fixed. New, bug-free mkf
files have been generated for those sequences originally affected.

A list of affected sequences is appended to this message. If your
observation is on the list, you may, if you like, obtain a replacement
mkf file via anonymous FTP at legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov from the directory:


After replacing the the mkf file, you will be able to run ascascreen in
the usual way to obtain a full set of screened GIS data.

A WWW version of this message, with a link to the mkf files, is
available at the URL:


Charles Day, ASCA GOF
Ed Seufert, ASCA Data Facility

Please send comments and questions to ascahelp@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov

PI name              Target              Sequence  Replacement mkf file 
LORELLA ANGELINI     X1905+00            43023000  ft950409_1837_1200.mkf
MARK BIRKINSHAW      NGC 6251            72035000  ft941028_1658_1530.mkf
JOEL BREGMAN         A2147               83074000  ft950224_0122_0430.mkf
JOSEPH CASSINELLI    EPSILON CMA         22033000  ft941116_1320_1000.mkf
YOU-HUA CHU          N44                 53043000  ft950301_1044_1520.mkf
ROSS COHEN           3C219               71042020  ft950412_0403_1340.mkf
ROSS COHEN           3C219[SUPP]         71042010  ft941113_0223_1330.mkf
ROSS COHEN           NGC4388             73073000  ft950621_0953_1141.mkf
ROBIN CORBET         A0538-66            43040000  ft950203_1441_0930.mkf
MICHAEL CORCORAN     ZETA OPH            23040000  ft950218_1435_1901.mkf
GIUSEPPINA FABBIANO  NGC 4125            63028000  ft950405_1814_1631.mkf
FABRIZIO FIORE       MKN110              73091000  ft950405_0615_1810.mkf
THOMAS FLEMING       HD 89499            23032000  ft950404_0532_0601.mkf
WILLIAM FORMAN       A 2597              83062000  ft950608_0738_0730.mkf
NEIL GEHRELS         G74.9+1.2           53041000  ft950529_1534_0640.mkf
IAN GEORGE           PG1116+215          73064000  ft950519_0904_2102.mkf
RICHARD GRIFFITHS    NGC5408             93011000  ft950208_0925_2252.mkf
DAVID HELFAND        GPS2_N3             51011020  ft940408_1555_1729.mkf
DAVID HELFAND        Q1508+5714          73080000  ft950302_1536_1340.mkf
DAVID HELFAND        RASS 1011+1736      72024000  ft941130_0753_0740.mkf
MARK HENRIKSEN       A754                82057000  ft941128_1905_0750.mkf
PATRICK HENRY        MS1241.5+1710       83067000  ft950622_1142_0351.mkf
PATRICK HENRY        MS1512.4+3647       83066000  ft950130_0228_1810.mkf
DAVID HUENEMOERDER   TY PYX (HD 77137)   23034000  ft950517_0405_0211.mkf
CHRISTINE JONES      CL0939+47           83068000  ft950412_1342_2136.mkf
RICHARD KELLEY       CEN X-3             43025000  ft950201_1018_2115.mkf
GERARD KRISS         NGC3516_N2          73066010  ft950312_1930_0820.mkf
JEFFREY LINSKY       EQ PEG              22015000  ft941209_2343_1330.mkf
MICHAEL LOEWENSTEIN  NGC 4552            63023000  ft950626_0952_0630.mkf
THOMAS MARKERT       G296.1-0.7, S       51020000  ft940228_1832_0839.mkf
FRANCIS E MARSHALL   X1755-33            43041000  ft950314_1445_0830.mkf
CHRISTOPHER MAUCHE   GK PER              33010000  ft950204_0941_1110.mkf
CHRISTOPHER MAUCHE   TV COL              33013000  ft950228_0603_1040.mkf
HAKKI OGELMAN        PSR B 1055-52       21040000  ft950118_0256_2340.mkf
HAKKI OGELMAN        VELA JET 2          23043000  ft950415_0225_1520.mkf
PAUL PLUCINSKY       MON HS1             53042000  ft950313_0828_0030.mkf
GAIL REICHERT        NGC 4579            73063000  ft950625_0530_0951.mkf
STEPHEN REYNOLDS     G41.1-0.3 (3C 397)  53035000  ft950407_1504_2020.mkf
JEONGHEE RHO         KES 79              53036000  ft950422_0026_0010.mkf
CRAIG SARAZIN        B2_1028+313_N2      83063010  ft950507_0303_2020.mkf
JONATHAN SCHACHTER   NGC_7582            72042000  ft941114_0547_1910.mkf
PETER SERLEMITSOS    NGC 3227            73068000  ft950515_0052_0041.mkf
KULINDER PAL SINGH   SPEEDY MIC=HD 1978  23047000  ft950420_2246_1235.mkf
ALAN SMALE           X2127+119           43042000  ft950516_0055_0350.mkf
MYRON SMITH          LAMBDA ERI          23048000  ft950226_1236_1041.mkf
GREGORY STACY        PKS 0208-512        73086000  ft950115_2044_0540.mkf
GUY STRINGFELLOW     CN LEO              23037000  ft941216_1323_0810.mkf
PAULA SZKODY         U GEM               32008010  ft941111_0550_2320.mkf
JANE TURNER          EXO 055620-3820.2   73070000  ft950323_2102_2350.mkf
MEGAN URRY           0528+134            73090000  ft950319_1422_0632.mkf
WIL VAN BREUGEL      TXFS 1011+144       73076000  ft950518_0216_0150.mkf
FREDERICK WALTER     HD142361            23045000  ft950213_0028_2241.mkf
FREDERICK WALTER     SU AUR              23042000  ft950225_0443_1231.mkf
KIMBERLY WEAVER      MRK 279             72028000  ft941205_1853_0710.mkf
KIMBERLY WEAVER      NGC 5135            73071000  ft950122_1654_1820.mkf
NICHOLAS WHITE       RZ_CAS              21023010  ft950129_1205_0220.mkf
DIANA WORRALL        3C 346              73092000  ft950217_1925_1430.mkf
TAHIR YAQOOB         NGC 7314            72029000  ft941120_1646_0800.mkf