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ASCA Workshop on instruments calibration

Dear ASCA users,

We had a Workshop on ASCA instrument calibration on December 6-7, 1995  
at ISAS. The program of the talks is attached below. Koji Mukai and 
Manabu Ishida are now providing minutes of the meeting and we will be
able to load the summary on the ISAS and NASA/GSFC home pages in a week.
We keep a set of copies of the view graphs presented at the talks each
at ISAS and NASA/GSFC. A copy of the view graphs is available either
from NASA/GSFC (request to Koji Mukai) or from ISAS (request to Ryuichi
Fujimoto). Manuscripts of the talks will appear next year in the ASCAnews
No. 4.

F. Nagase

Dec. 6 (Wed)

ASCA operation and observation status                         	F. Nagase
Critical review of current calibration status                 	R. Mushotsky
Raise problems from data analysis;
          Nitrogen abundance anomalies in stars               	N. White
          AGN community concerns                              	Tahir Yaqoob

SIS calibration;
         Current status of SIS response generator              	Geoff Crew
         New DFE correction program                            	C. Otani
          Non-uniformity of CTI                                	A. Yamashita
         Low energy calibration
                   Calibration done with 3C273 data            	T. Dotani
                   Future prospect                             	T. Dotani
                   Results of 3C58 analysis                    	K. Torii
         New SIS gain                                          	T. Dotani
         Possible ways to reverse degradation of the SIS       	K. Gendreau
         Comments to the SIS temperarure                       	T. Dotani
         What to do about grade 6 events ?                     	K. Mukai 
         Non X-ray background and pile-up effects of SIS       	Y. Ueda

Dec. 7 (Thu.)

XRT/GIS calibration;
       	Improved response function (RMF, ARF) and relative 
		normalization of SIS and GIS                   	M. Ishida
       	Gain history and gain map                              	T. Kubo
       	Properties of non X-ray background                     	K. Makishima
       	Status of XRT responses                                	Y. Tawara
       	Observed point source image and its interporation 
		/extraporation                                 	Y. Ikebe
       	Status of ray-tracing program                          	A. Furusawa
       	Pointing of crab                                       	K. Matsushita
       	The stray light                                        	M. Watanabe

Other items;
      	ASCA time assignment / conversion               	H. Hirayama
      	Positional accuracy                                     Eric Gotthelf
      	SIS Source catalog and Rev 2 Processing           	Eric Gotthelf
      	Comments to the positional accuracy                 	T. Takahashi
      	Summary & Action Items                                  N. White
     	AO4 Calibration targets                                 N. White