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TOO PI/CoI assignment

Dear ASCA users,

I am sending a list of assigned investigators for the three TOO observations
made in early AO4 period together with those of late AO3. The assignment is
a tentative arrangement of analysis groups. In addition it is noted that,
(1) All Japanese members of the ASCA operation team are eligible to 
contribute in analysis in any of the targets by contacting with the 
assigned PI,
(2) Collaborations with other ground-based/satellite observations are 
encouraged and coauthorship for the joint-papers will be arranged by the
PI and invited CoIs,
(3) Fundamentally, the FRF files of the data are distributed through PI,
however, foreign invited CoIs are able to request FITS files to NASA/GSFC
ASCA GOF if they wish.

F. Nagase

ASCA TOO Observations between August 95 and March 96
 Observation	Targets		Exp.	PI			
				time	CoIs
					Invited CoIs			
 95/ 8/15	Nova Sco	30 ks	Y Ueda
					T Kotani, T Takahashi, H Inoue
					N Zhang, K Ebisawa
 95/ 9/25	GRO J1750-27	15 ks	T Dotani
					K Koyama, Y Maeda, F Nagase
					B Vaughan
 95/10/16	SGR1806-20	30 ks 	N Kawai
					A Yoshida, T Murakami, S. Uno
					C Kouveliotou
 96/ 1/27	3C279		20 ks	T Kii
					T Takahashi, F Makino, A Yamashita, T Kubo
					A Wehrle
 96/ 2/26	GRO J1744-28	20 ks	T Dotani, 
					Y Ueda, K Asai, K Mitsuda, F Nagase, Y Maeda, H Inoue
					C Kouveliotou
 96/ 3/ 4	GK Per		20 ks	M Ishida
					R Fujimoto, K Matsuzaki
					C Mauche, K Mukai, J Osborne