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ASCA weekly

Dear ASCA users;

A TYPHOON HIT KYUUSHU ISLAND ON JULY 17, and only the first two passes 
were operated on the day. Because of serious damage of electric power line 
to Kagoshima space center, operations on July 18 were cancelled and 
the regular operation of ASCA has started from the first pass of July 19.

Due to this typhoon hit to KSC, we estimate that about 45 % of scheduled 
exposure time was lost for 3C273 (coordinated calibration target) and 
about 35 % of that for NGC4941 (PI: Y. Terashima, AGN, Priority-2) was lost.

The schedule for August 20-30 is as follow;

F. Nagase

August 20 - 30	 ver-1   (96/07/25)
(ISAS contact scientist:  T. DOTANI 	dotani@astro.isas.ac.jp)
Date	MNV	Target 		Tag. 	Exp.	Observation	PI or 
	start	name  		Cat.	(ks)	Cat.  Pri./TC	 ( PPI/Co-PI)
8/20	12:20	PKS 1510-089	AGN	20	US	3/n	K.P. Singh

8/21	 6:20	2EG J1412-6211	Star	50	US	2/n	R. Romani

8/22	17:11	A1524-62	Bin.	20	JPN	2/n	K. Asai

8/23	 9:20	Q1559+089	AGN	20	ESJ	2/n	A. Comastri

8/24	 2:50	NGC 1395	Gal.	40	MUJ	3/n	C. Sarazin
								/ S. Sato
8/24	23:40	RHS 23		AGN	40	JPN	2/n	N. Yamasaki

8/25	22:20	Barnard 5	Star	30	USJ	2/n	M. Feigelson

8/26	17:10	V471 Tauri	Star	50	US	2/n	S. White

8/27	21:50	HB-3 #1		SNR	30	JPN	2/n	E. Miyata

8/28	15:20	HB-3 #2		SNR	30	JPN	2/n	E. Miyata

8/29	12:00	HB-3 #3		SNR	30	JPN	2/n	E. Miyata
(8/30	 5:30	to next target)

(Note) Obs. Cat. JPN: Japan time, US: US time, JUS: Japan-US Collaboration, 
USJ: US-Japan Collaboration,  MJU: Merged Japan-US (PPI=Japan), 
MUJ: Merged US-Japan (PPI=US),  ESJ: ESA-Japan Program, 
MOT: Manager's observatory time (Calibration and maintenance)