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Corrections to ASCA newsletter articles

ASCA Newsletter recipients,

Please excuse this message if you receive it twice.  It is being sent to
two different mailing lists.

The recent issue of ASCANews (number 5) contained some inaccuracies and
difficult-to-read images.

In the article "Accuracy of the GIS Time Assignment", by Saito, et al.
(page 35) the figure caption for Figure 6 was incorrect. It should read:

        Pulse profiles of PSR B1821-24 obtained at three time spans. Top is
        2:50 ~ 7:10 (8.6 ksec), middle is 7:40 ~ 15:00 (14.2ksec), and
        bottom is 15:50 ~ 18:20 (7.0 ksec).

Also, the equation on page 42 was incorrect in that two of the
exponents were printed as positive when they should be negative. The
correct equation is:

        delta f    <                   T
        -------    -   3 x 10^-8 (------------)^-1   s/s
           f                       1 x 10^4

These corrections and improved-quality images are available on the Web
version of the Newsletter, which is available at:


We regret these errors.

Natalie Barnes