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ASCA weekly

Dear ASCA users,

Please find below the ASCA short-term observation schedule for 
the period of May 16 to 28.

Last week during my absence, a TOO observation of the transient
source XTE J0421+560 was performed on April 3 (see IAUC 6872).
This was conducted by Prof. H. Inoue. I wish to ask him to conduct
further analysis of this observation and tentatively assign the authors
in the IAUC, i.e., Y. Ueda, M. Ishida, T. Dotani, W. Lewin, and 
J. Greiner, to be co-investigators.

F. Nagase

May 16 -28,  1998,		ver-1   (98/ 4/10)
(ISAS contact scientist: 	Y. UEDA	(ueda@astro.isas.ac.jp)
Date	MNV	Target 		Tag. 	Exp.	Observation	PI or 
	start	name  		Cat.	(ks)	Cat.  Pri./TC	 ( PPI/Co-PI)
5/16	19:00	H0707-495	AGN	120	US	1/n	W. Brandt

5/20	 7:00	Mrk 1259	Gal.	40	JPN	2/n	Y. Ohyama

5/21	12:10	PRG34/A3444 S1	CG	6.4	JUS	1/n	T. Tsuru
				(AO-5 Supplement)
5/21	20:00	RX J1736.4+6804	CG	40	JPN	2/n	Y. Hatsukade

5/22	18:00	MCG+11-19-005	AGN	60	ESJ	2/n	F. Fiore

5/24	 2:00	NGC 4278	AGN	20	JPN	2/n	H. Inoue
5/24	16:00	NGC4395		AGN	20	JPN	2/n	H. Inoue
5/25	 6:30	SCC100 #4	CG	30	JPN	1/n	A. Furuzawa

5/26	 0:30	SCC100 #5	CG	30	JPN	1/n	A. Furuzawa

5/26	17:50	SCC100 #6	CG	30	JPN	1/n	A. Furuzawa

5/27	 9:30	SCC100 #7	CG	30	JPN	1/n	A. Furuzawa

(5/28	  3:20,   MNV to next target)

(Note) Obs. Cat. JPN: Japan time, US: US time, JUS: Japan-US Collaboration, 
USJ: US-Japan Collaboration,  MJU: Merged Japan-US (PPI=Japan), 
MUJ: Merged US-Japan (PPI=US),  ESJ: ESA-Japan Program, 
OT: Observatory Time (Calibration, maintenance and TOO)