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Input for NASA Senior Review Solicited

Input for NASA Senior Review Solicited

Every two years, NASA sponsors a "Senior Review" of its operating
astrophysics missions.  The purpose of this review is to determine the
funding priorities amongst these missions, judged on the basis of "science
per dollar."  The ASCA mission was rated highly in the last (1996)
senior review that we participated in, thanks to the science highlights


provided to us by the Guest Observer community.

The US ASCA Guest Observer Facility has received its "invitation" to
submit a proposal to the 1998 Senior Review.  A strong proposal is vital to
the continued funding of ASCA in the US.  In turn, the key to a strong
proposal is inclusion of the most significant scientific results obtained
by ASCA during the past two years.  As most of these have not yet been
published, we in the project have to turn to you, our Guest Observers, to
provide us summaries of your latest results.

Please send a brief summary of any recent ASCA result, whether recently
published, presented at a conference or still in the works.  While a couple
of paragraphs will do, feel free to send preprints or drafts of papers.
Additionally, if you have any nice images, color or monochrome, please let
us know, and we'll arrange an ftp transfer.  Please send your contributions
to Keith Arnaud


who will once again be collating and editing your contributions.  Let us know
if you would like the result treated as confidential, and we will honor your

We would also like to maintain an up-to-date bibliography of ASCA-related


Please send information on publications (papers in refereed journals and
PhD theses) based on ASCA results to Mike Arida


if you have not done so already.

Hardcopy preprints can be sent to

	Dr. Nicholas E. White,
	Code 662,
	NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center,
	Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA.
Please remember that the continuation of the ASCA program depends on
demonstrating that ASCA is still capable of making major scientific
contributions, and that there is still scientific interest by the community
in performing ASCA observations.  A substantial response to this request
provides strong evidence in that direction.

Thank you for your help in making ASCA a tremendous success.