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ASCA Proposal Deadline Reminder (2nd try)

ASCANews subscribers,

There appears to have been a problem with the ascanews exploder
--- the following message was sent to the exploder yesterday, 
which may not have reached all the subscribers.  If you have
seen it already, we apologize for the duplication.

				- Koji Mukai for the ASCA GOF

REMINDER: ASCA AO-7 Deadline Approaches

ASCA AO-7 proposals are due 1998 September 1.

An important note for US PIs: starting with this round, we no
longer accept hardcopy proposals.  Instead, you must provide us with
PostScript files of (1) the scientific justification; and (2) the proposal
forms. They can be uploaded using the RPS WWW interface :


or via anonymous ftp from :