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ASCA weekly

Dear ASCA users,

The intense shower of Leonid meteors is expected to appear on November 17.
The peak of the shower is estimated to be around 19:00 (UT), but significant
error would be happen on the shower maximum time. Hence to avoid possible 
risk of damage on ASCA due to the hits by meteors, we wish to move the 
ASCA XRT axis toward anti-direction to the shower stream and to set the solar 
paddle parallel to the stream to minimize the impact for the two days from 
November 16 to November 18. Fortunately, we find one (and only one) target 
that satisfy the required ASCA attitude, that is NGC 7252. Hence, we decided 
to direct ASCA for about two days toward NGC 7252. Awaki-san  (PI of NGC 
7252) would be a lucky-boy to receive exposure twice larger than the approved 
time, if there is no serious impact from the Leonid meteor shower and 
operation/observation progress normally. Leighly's targets once allocated in 
the span will be shifted to the next  schedule, and Itoh's M108 is replaced 
to the span of November 9, once NGC 7252 was there.

F. Nagase

November  9 - 22,  1998,		ver-2   (98/10/13)
(ISAS contact scientist: 	M.ISHIDA	(ishida@astro.isas.ac.jp)
Date	MNV	Target 		Tag. 	Exp.	Observation	PI or 
	start	name 		Cat.	(ks)	Cat.  Pri./TC	 ( PPI/Co-PI)
11/ 9	18:40	M108		Gal.	40	JPN	2/n	M. Itoh

11/10	15:20	Syg Loop S1	SNR	13	JPN	1/n	E. Miyata
					(AO-6 Supplement)
11/11	 1:00	Mrk 1224	AGN	40	JPN	2/n	M. Imanishi

11/12	 4:40	PG 0946+301	AGN	100	USJ	2/n	P. Green

11/14	16:50	Mrk 705		AGN	35	ESJ	3/n	M. Pfeiffer

11/15	16:20	1055+5644	AGN	40	ESJ	2/n	J. Siebert

11/16	16:30	 NGC 7252	GAL	40	JPN	3/n	H. Awaki

11/18	17:40	SC 2357-610 #1	CG	50	JPN	2/n	M. Tashiro

11/20	 6:10	SC 2357-610 #2	CG	50	JPN	2/n	M. Tashiro

11/21	12:30	MS 2254-37	AGN	30	USJ	2/n	K. Leighly

(11/22	11:20,   MNV to next target)

(Note) Obs. Cat. JPN: Japan time, US: US time, JUS: Japan-US Collaboration, 
USJ: US-Japan Collaboration,  MJU: Merged Japan-US (PPI=Japan), 
MUJ: Merged US-Japan (PPI=US),  ESJ: ESA-Japan Program, 
MOT: Observatory Time (Calibration, maintenance), 
and TOO: Target of Opportunity