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Orbit of ASCA; Web update; Exciting results; [US] AO-7 results & funding

ASCA Users,

This message contains five items, of which the last two are addressed
primarily to US scientists.

	[1] Orbital decay of ASCA
	[2] ASCA GOF web page updates
	[3] Exciting ASCA Results Wanted
	[4] AO-7 results
	[5] Funding opportunity for AO-7 PIs and others

[1] Orbital decay of ASCA

The orbital decay of ASCA has been accelerating with the increased solar
activity as we approach the next maximum.  ISAS has recently revised the
estimate of when ASCA will reenter: their current best estimate is 2000
February.  Depending on the strength of the upcoming maximum, reentry could
be as early as 1999 November or as late as 2000 August.  Plots of ASCA orbit
are available at:


Accordingly, in the AO-7 review, we accepted enough targets to fill the
timeline through 2000 February.  This is also coincident with the planned
launch of ASTRO-E, after which a full operation of ASCA will become impossible
due to manpower constraints.  A full cycle 8 call for proposals therefore
looks unlikely at this point; depending on the status of the ASCA orbit,
we may issue a supplementary call for proposals in some form, for long
observations (e.g., 1 observation per week) to minimize the load on ASCA
operations personnel.  The ASCA project at ISAS hopes to make a firm decision
in late summer.

[2] ASCA GOF web page updates

We have started a new page on "Things to Watch Out For When Doing ASCA
Analysis".  To find this page, go to the ASCA GOF home page


and click on the "Processing & Data Analysis" button.  This and other
updates are also listed in our "What's New" page.

[3] Exciting ASCA Results Wanted

As most of you are aware, it has become increasingly important to
publicize new, exciting results to a wide audience (non X-ray astronomers
and members of the public).  If you have an exciting ASCA result,
please let us know.  We now have a dedicated SEU Science Writer, Chris
Wanjek, who can help you with the preparation of press releases.  Even
if your institution has the resources for this, we would still like you
to contact us so we can advertise any new ASCA related press releases
in a timely manner, via our web site:


Also, we would like to keep expanding our "ASCA Images" page:


If you have images that demonstrate the capability of ASCA, and/or are
likely to appeal to a broad audience, please let us know.

[4] AO-7 results

We have just e-mailed the individual letters to ASCA Cycle 7 US PIs, including
the evaluations from the review panels.  If you submitted a proposal to NASA
and have not received the letter, please let us know.

[5] Funding opportunity for AO-7 PIs and others

Office of Space Science has released the ROSS 99 (Research Opportunities
in Space Science 1999) omnibus NRA.  This includes "2.4 Astrophysics Data
Program" (ADP), which allows two types of proposals: Type A, the traditional
ADP archival research proposals, and Type B, for proposers who have already
been awarded observing time on current observing cycles (ASCA Cycle 7, RXTE
Cycle 4, or BeppoSAX Cycle 3).  Type B Proposals may contain the text
originally submitted for observing time, or merged/revised text, and may
supplement primary (new) observations with analysis of relevant archival data.

Letters of intent are due on March 5th, 1999, and proposals are due on
May 6th, 1999.

For further details, please see: