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ASCA weekly

Dear ASCA users,

The intense shower of Leonid meteors is expected to appear on November 17.
The peak of the shower is estimated to be around  11/17 21:00 to 11/18 12:00.
Taking enough margin, we turn off GIS HV for the period of 11/17 4:30 to
11/19 2:00. To avid  possible risk, we move ASCA attitude so as the XRT axis 
toward anti-direction to the shower and  solar paddle parallel to the stream 
to minimize the impact of  meteor shower.  From these points, LBQS 2212-1759
is selected from the priority-C pool and allocated during the GIS HV off period.
However, about 80 ks SIS data will be obtained for the observation.

NGC 3516 (PI:H. Netzer) is allocated at the very end of ASCA visible window.
At this allocation of three day's observations, we will get about 180 ks GIS 
data but the net exposure for SIS will be reduced to about 120 ks due to the 
bright earth contamination. During this ASCA observation, the coordinated 
Chandra observation is planned. Note that Netzer's original proposal of 20 ks 
times 6 pointings every two days is now merged into one 120 ks observation.

F. Nagase

#28:  November 16 - December 3, 1999			ver-1   (99/10/29)
(ISAS contact scientist: 	A.YAMASHITA	(ayamashi@astro.isas.ac.jp)
Date	MNV	Target 		Tag. 	Exp.	Observation	PI or 
	start	name 		Cat.	(ks)	Cat.  Pri./TC	 ( PPI/Co-PI)
11/16	 1:30	PG 1012-008	Gal.	40	JPN	2/n	K. Hayashida

11/17	 4:30	LBQS 2212-1759	AGN	50	JPN	3/n	N. Yamasaki

11/19	 2:00	SCC100  N8	CG	30	JPN	2/n	A. Furuzawa

11/20	 0:00	SCC100  N9	CG	30	JPN	2/n	A. Furuzawa

11/20	20:40	SCC100  N10	CG	30	JPN	2/n	A. Furuzawa

11/21	15:40	PHL 5200	AGN	100	US	2/n	S. Mathur

11/24	 7:24	Cyg X-2		Bin.	50	MUJ	3/n	P. Kaaret
								/T. Dotani
11/25	13:00	RX J1028.6-084	AGN	100	JPN	2/n	M. Matsuoka

11/28	 7:30	NGC 3627	Gal.	40	ESJ	2/n	T. Roberts

11/29	10:40	LMC 10		Gal.	40	JPN	1/n	K. Koyama

11/30	13:10	NGC 3516	AGN	120	MUJ	1/Y	H. Netzer
								/T. Mihara	
(12/ 3	14:00	MNV to next target)

(Note) Obs. Cat. JPN: Japan time, US: US time, JUS: Japan-US Collaboration, 
USJ: US-Japan Collaboration,  MJU: Merged Japan-US (PPI=Japan), 
MUJ: Merged US-Japan (PPI=US),  ESJ: ESA-Japan Program, 
MOT: Observatory Time (Calibration, maintenance), 
and TOO: Target of Opportunity