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ASCA GOF Updated Web Pages

We would like to draw attention to several new/updated items on the
ASCA Guest Observer Facility web pages.

(1) We have udpated the "Things to Watch Out For" and "Calibration
Uncertainties" pages:


   *** An important new item on the latter page is a quantitative assessment
   *** of the secular degradation of the SIS low energy response:


   *** Researchers interested in SIS data below ~1 keV are strongly
   *** encouraged to read this summary.

(2) As announced by Prof. Nagase, the ASCA long-term schedule
has been updated; a copy is now available from GSFC at:



The above mentioned  pages can be reached from the ASCA GOF home page:


by following the appropriate links.  For your reference, the ISAS ASCA
pages can be accessed via: