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HEAsoft v5.1 release and other news
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HEAsoft v5.1 has been released.  For ASCA users, there is one new tool,
fmosaic (with an associated Perl script), as well as several minor updates
to existing tools.  Details can be found at:


We are currently aware of one ASCA-related bug in the v5.1 release.
Explanation and fix are available at:


In addition, in an effort to organize our pages better, we have
created a couple of new pages that you may find useful.  One
is the ASCA Calibration information page:


where we have collected links to latest files and uncertainties.
(Among them is an examination of the effect of calibration changes
on the spectral parameters:


).  The other is the SIS background information page:


including a table of SIS blank fields observed since 1996.