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ASTRO-E News no.2: (US only) E/PO proposal procedure

If you are planning to submit an ASTRO-E observing proposal to NASA
with an Education/Public Outreach component (which is optional), please
read on.

	[We apologize to our colleagues outside the US for
	cluttering up their mailboxes.]

We have received several questions regarding the procedure for E/PO
proposal submission.  The following Q&As should clarify the situation.

Questions and answers regarding E/PO proposals submitted in conjunction
with ASTRO-E observing proposals.

1.  When are E/PO proposals due?

September 17, the same day as the research proposals.

2.  E/PO proposals are not mentioned in the page restrictions (NRA Appendix
C, section C.  Do they count against the four page limit?

No.  This was an inadvertent omission from the table at the top of page
C-4.  The research proposal and the E/PO proposal are interrelated, but
effectively distinct proposals.  As indicated in section C.5, the E/PO
proposal can have up to four pages (17,000 characters).

3.  There is no box to check on the ASTRO-E cover sheet to indicate I am
submitting an E/PO proposal.  How do I indicate this?

At the end of the abstract, add the words "[Includes E/PO proposal]."

4.  What procedure do I follow if I am submitting an E/PO proposal?

Follow the procedure described in section 5 of Appendix C.  Submit the
electronic form and proposal text to the E/PO site, and attach the text to
the research proposal.

5.  Must I include a signed budget sheet?

No.  As part of the electronic submission of an E/PO proposal you must
include an estimated budget.  A determination of funding awards for E/PO
will be made during Stage 2, along with the research proposals.  The
estimated budget form does not need to be included with the hard copy
submission during Stage 1, but a signed version must be included in a
Stage 2 proposal.