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Correction: Astro-E2 GO Program (Cycle 1) Announcement

The e-mail circulated earlier was incorrectly phrased.

The first paragraph should have read:

1. Overview

The NASA Research Announcement (NRA) entitled "Research Opportunities 
in Space Science - 2004" (ROSS-2004), released in January, 2004,
solicits proposals for participation in the NASA program for the
conduct of scientific investigations using the Astro-E2 X-ray
observatory, currently scheduled for launch in February 2005. This
note is intended as a reminder to US-based researchers of that
announcement and provides further technical information concerning
the Astro-E2  mission. Cycle 1 covers observations for a 1-year period
commencing in September 2005.

For further details, US-based researchers are urged to consult the
Astro-E2 section of the ROSS-2004 NRA:


			Astro-E2 Guest Observer Facility
A service of the U.S. Astro-E2 Guest Observer Facility, NASA/GSFC.

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