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CGRO related meetings

1'st announcement of 2 forthcoming scientific meetings: ESLAB Gamma-Ray Burst 
Symposiuum & AAS HEAD Meeting.

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Announcement of the 29th ESLAB Symposium  : Preliminary Information

Space Science Department ESA is organizing the  29th ESLAB Symposium 
"Towards the Source of Gamma-Ray Bursts"

to be held at the European Space Research and Technology Centre, ESTEC
Noordwijk, The Netherlands

25 - 27 April 1995.

The scientific programme will focus on recent observational and theoretical
results on gamma-ray bursts with the aims to review the current situation,
and to present and discuss new developments in this highly active field of 
astrophysical research.

It is planned to document all contributions (invited and contributed papers,
posters) in a refereed publication.

Calendar of Events (approx.)

1. Circular (Participation, mailing list, deadlines)	July 1994

2. Circular (Details on programme, abstracts)		October 1994

3. Circular (Final programme, local information)	February 1995

For further information, please contact the Symposium Secretariat
Evelyne Cheroux, Astrophysics Division, ESTEC
e-mail: eslab29@astro.estec.esa.nl (Internet)

or access the anonymous ftp account on estsa2.estec.esa.nl
and look in /pub/ESLAB29 which will contain current conference information.

Kevin Bennett, 
Christoph Winkler, 
Astrophysics Division, ESTEC

on behalf of the Organizing Committee.

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   1994 Meeting of the AAS High Energy Astrophysics Division


	    *Incorporating ROSAT and ASCA Workshops*

              November 2-5 Napa Valley, California

                   ABSTRACTS DUE JULY 1, 1994

For the first time in over a decade High Energy Astrophysics has
several missions operating simultaneously, with the prospect of
more to come in the next two years. The re-opening of Gamma-ray
astronomy with Compton GRO, the low energy PSPC spectra from
ROSAT, the new high spectral resolution and higher energy
response of ASCA, and the opportunity for high spatial resolution
imaging with the ROSAT HRI, together place us in a new stage
of high energy astrophysics and create a need for comprehensive
understanding and analysis.

The combination of these new capabilities brings a new synergy.  Many 
of us now work routinely with data from several different missions,
and the have a need to connect our results across mission boundaries.

The AAS HEA Division is holding a workshop meeting* this fall to
provide a forum for this interchange. The meeting will cover
observations and theory for all energies above ~100eV and for all
scientific areas of high energy astrophysics, with links to the
rest of the spectrum. The sessions will be science-based, rather than
mission-based.  Oral sessions will include review talks plus
contributed talks (15 min. each). Poster sessions will be held
both in parallel and alone to allow ample discussion time.
There will be two evening discussion sessions on topics
of current interest for which suggestions are solicited.

Each mission has its own idiosyncrasies, so the meeting will incorporate 
1/2 day workshops on data analysis for ASCA and ROSAT following the 
successful model of last year's ROSAT workshop. 

Because our preliminary announcement attracted so many responses
and our venue has a legally limited capacity, the science
organizing committee (SOC) may, unwillingly, be forced to select
attendees. This announcement asks for a title and abstract.
These will be major pieces of information available to the SOC
when making these decisions, so please try to include them with
your response, and try to make them as specific as possible.
We do not plan to publish the proceedings of the workshop.
(For details of Abstract submission, see below.)

Scientific Organizing Committee:
(HEAD Executive committee)
	Martin Elvis, chair
	Neil Gehrels (also CGRO)
	Kevin Hurley
	Hakki Ogelman
	Rob Petre (also ROSAT)
	Rick Rothschild
	Virginia Trimble
	Mel Ulmer
	Belinda Wilkes
	Diana Worrall
	Fred Seward (APS)
	Jean Swank (XTE)
	Nick White (ASCA)

* Sponsored by: ROSAT, ASCA, CGRO, and XTE projects,
and the Astrophysics Division of the APS.


                    1994 HEAD Meeting Details

Hosted by Eureka Scientific, Inc.

Local Organizing Committee: 

Timothy Carone, Patrick Jelinsky, John Vallerga, Barry Welsh (Eureka Scientific)
Kevin Hurley (UC Berkeley), Lynn Cominsky (Sonoma State).

Conference Location

	The meeting will take place in California's historic Napa Valley
located just ninety minutes north of San Francisco. Lush, rolling
hills, row upon row of vineyard lining the valley floor, rock palisades
and meandering streams in the Napa Valley provide a delightful backdrop
for this meeting. The climate favors the regions primary industry of
grape growing and wine making. The climate also offers a myriad of
recreational possibilities, gourmet dining, shopping, concerts, galleries, 
mineral spas, massage, and mud baths. A perennial favorite is an early 
morning hot air balloon ride over the valley.


	The Sheraton Inn Napa Valley in Napa, California has been selected
as the conference headquarters. The Inn is located at the southern
entrance to the Napa Valley. The hotel has its own restaurant, heated
outdoor pool, lighted tennis court, and spa. Many of the rooms are
priced at the government rate. Upcoming announcements will contain 
a registration form and details on accommodations and rates.

Conference Banquet

	The conference banquet will be held in one of the Napa Valley's
oldest and most respected wineries, the Inglenook Winery. The winery is
situated among extensive historic vineyards and its cellars are located
in a century old stone chateau which houses a rare collection of award
winning wines. The banquet will begin with a private tour, designed for
the HEAD conference, and sensory evaluation of several vintage wines.
Appetizers will be served during the tasting. At the conclusion of the
tour, dinner will be served in the midst of wine casks and candlelight.
Two wines, especially selected to complement the dinner, will be served
during the three course meal. Banquet tickets are limited and cannot be
sold after October 27, 1994. Tickets are $30.00 per person. Reserve
your tickets with your registration if you do not want to miss this
unforgettable evening in the Napa Valley.

Child Care Services

	If you are planning to attend the meeting with your family and
will be needing the services of a day care provider, please contact
Conference Connection, our meeting planners. They will gladly provide
information on day care resources in the area.  Please contact them as
soon as possible at either (510) 652-7691 or ccc@netcom.com.

Local Tours

	The Napa Valley lends itself to independent touring and exploring.
We expect many of you to venture out on your own given the wide variety
of wineries to visit and attractions to explore.  There are no group
tours currently planned. If, however, there is a great interest in a
group tour to a nearby destination such as the Muir Woods, Marine-World
Africa USA or San Francisco, arrangements can be made. If you are
interested in such a tour, please e-mail Conference Connection at

For further information please contact:

Eureka Scientific, Inc.
Suite 100
2452 Delmer St. 
Oakland California  94602-3017

Phone (510) 530-1688
Fax   (510) 530-2416
email  eureka@netcom.com

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Abstract (1/2 page max, 80 words/line):

Poster or Oral presentation preferred?

Contact person:

Please email (preferred) or mail or fax to Conference Connection
(ccc@netcom.com).  DO NOT send you abstract directly to HEAD or
the Scientific Organizing committee.

Conference Connection
5344 Locksley Ave.
Oakland, CA  94618

Phone (510) 652-7691
FAX   (510) 222-5140
email ccc@netcom.com    <--- ABSTRACT