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CGRO Cycle-6 NRA

The CGRO Cycle-6 NRA has now been issued! Proposals will be due on
Friday, April 19, 1996. This is approximately one month later than we
had originally intended as a result of the two government shutdowns.
Most people receiving this message also receive a copy of the NRA
by mail within 1-1.5 weeks. To retrieve a printable (PostScript) 
copy electronically:

ftp: ftp grossc.gsfc.nasa.gov, login as anonymous, cd nra, cd cycle6,
     get nra.ps

WWW: http://cossc.gsfc.nasa.gov/cossc/cossc.html   

The associated appendicies, A-H, will soon be available upon request from 
the CGRO Science Support Center (hard copy); direct requests to Sandy 
Barnes, barnes@grossc.gsfc.nasa.gov, 301-286-7780. They will also be 
posted electronically where they can be retrieved as described above.

Direct further inquiries to Chris Shrader, shrader@grossc.gsfc.nasa.gov,