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Astro-E Cycle 1 NRA Released: 16 July 1999

We are pleased to announce the release of the ASTRO-E Guest Observer
Program (Cycle 1) announcement by NASA; by agreement, the NASA
announcement is open only to PIs affiliated with a US institution.
The announcement and related documents are available on the world-wide
web at:


and additional materials (including Technical Description and simulation
tools) are available from:


The following briefly summarizes the NASA announcement.

Observing period: 	~9 months beginning August, 2000
Proposal deadline:	1999 September 17
Funding:		Successful PIs will be invited to submit budget
Submission:		The forms must be submitted electronically;
			15 hardcopies of the forms and the scientific
			justifications must also be submitted.

There are parallel opportunities for Japanese and ESA scientists; for the
latter, please refer to: