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WGACAT Update Released

                        Update to WGACAT

An updated version of WGACAT has been released. This catalog was
originally generated by N.E. White (HEASARC/GSFC), P. Giommi (SDC/ASI)
and L. Angelini (HEASARC/GSFC) and is a private research effort, not
related to the official catalogs released by the ROSAT project. The
WGACAT was made first publicly available in November 1994 was
generated using all the public ROSAT PSPC pointed data then available,
corresponding to 75% of the entire set, and featured ~ 68,000
detections of which 62,000 were single sources. The new version (May
2000 release) is part of an ADP funded effort. It contains all the
remaining PSPC fields not included in WGACAT95, and available in the
archive up to April 98. It also corrects a few minor problems
identified in the original release, and also features a much more
detailed quality checking of the reality of the sources. This new
version (May 2000) contains over 88,000 good detections and more than
84,000 individual sources. A paper on this final updated WGACAT will
presented at the AAS meeting in Rochester in June 2000. This catalog
is complimentary to the project released catalogs. Further details are
available from the WGACAT home page:


The WGACAT source list and associated data products for each source
(images, lightcurves and spectra) can be accessed via the HEASARC
Web-base Browse interface under:


by clicking on ROSAT and then selecting WGACAT. It can also be
downloaded from the ftp site:


Lorella Angelini, Nicholas White, Sangwook Park (HEASARC) and Paolo
Giommi (SDC/ASI)

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High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC)

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