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International Workshop on X-ray Surveys 2002

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                          International Workshop on

                              " X-ray Surveys,
                    in the light of the new observatories"

                        Santander,(Spain) 4-6 September 2002

                               First Circular


The Workshop will be devoted to the discussion of surveys of the X-ray sky,
in the light of the new X-ray observatories Chandra and XMM-Newton and of
previous missions. It follows the much successful workshop "X-ray Surveys"
held in Potsdam, in June 1997. These discussions will concentrate on surveys

   * X-ray source counts, population studies and the X-ray background
   * Active Galactic Nuclei
   * Clusters of galaxies and their evolution
   * Normal Galaxies
   * X-ray emission from the Galaxy
   * Accreting X-ray binaries
   * Active Coronal stars

The Workshop will have both oral sessions and posters. Ample time will be
scheduled for discussion of a rapidly changing and often controversial

The workshop is partially sponsored by:
   * The Research office of the University of Cantabria
   * The Faculty of Sciences of Santander
   * The Instituto de Física de Cantabria (CSIC-UC)
   * The Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, through the National
     Plan of Astronomy & Astrophysics
   * The Regional Government of Cantabria

All sessions will be held in the "Hotel Chiqui", at the far end of the
Sardinero beach in Santander (just below the light house).

Santander is a nice seaside town at the top North of Spain, facing the
Cantabrian sea. It is the capital of the region of Cantabria, a busy
touristic destination, especially during summer. It usually enjoys nice and
warm weather during the beginning of September, but be prepared for
occasional rain showers too. Detailed touristic information about Cantabria
can be found under http://turismo.cantabria.org.

Santander has its own airport (SDR) with several daily connections to Madrid
and Barcelona only. The Bilbao (BIO) airport is just over 100 km away (1.15
hour driving) and has daily connections to many european destinations.
Santander can also be reached by train from Madrid and by bus from many
Spanish towns, including Irún in the French border. There is also a ferry
twice a week linking Santander and Plymouth (the journey takes 24 hours).

Call for Abstracts and pre-registration.

Potential participants in the Workshop, should fill in the pre-registration
form, together with a title and abstract of a suggested contribution. In
order to keep potential participants informed, we?d appreciate you filling
in the pre-registration form, even if you do not intend to present a

The deadline for abstract submission is June 1st 2002. Based on the
submitted material, the Scientific Organising Committee (SOC) will release a
preliminary scientific programme for the sessions by the end of June. Those
presentations that cannot be accomodated as oral, will be displayed as
posters. Poster authors are expected to participate actively in the
discussion sessions.


Conference proceedings will be published in a special issue of Astronomische
Nachrichten. Contributions will be refereed by session chairs and the SOC.

Registration & Accomodation.

The final deadline for registration and for Hotel reservation will be June
30, 2002. The registration fee will be 125 Euros, covering coffee breaks,
workshop dinner and a copy of the conference proceedings. Later requests for
registration will have a 20% increase in the registration fee. Hotel
accomodation cannot be guaranteed after the deadline.

We expect most participants to be accomodated at the "Hotel Chiqui***" which
has offered a very good price. Accomodation in this Hotel will be allocated
on a "first-come first-served" basis. A further option is "Hotel
Santemar****", within 15 min walking distance. A one night deposit per room
(which will be put forward in your Hotel bill) is required to secure Hotel
booking, as the workshop will take place during high season. Your
registration and Hotel booking will be confirmed by e-mail upon receipt of
the corresponding payment.

There are plenty of restaurants and cafeterias within 10-15 min walk from
the conference site. However, a lunch menu (including vegetarian option)
will be offered to participants in some nearby place at a reasonable price
(~12-15 Euro). Participants interested in that option will need to purchase
their lunch tickets at the workshop secretariat.

In the evening of the 5th of September, a dinner will be offered at the
"Parador" of Santillana del Mar. This is a nice delightful typical
Cantabrian village, where participants should have the chance to walk around
for about ~1 hour before dinner. Both the trip and dinner are included in
the Registration fee.

All accomodation and logistics will be dealt with by AFID Congresos
(gm@afidcongresos.com). Please contact them in relation to any issues
related to registration, accomodation, meals, special requirements (like
family rooms, vegetarian meals), extra touristic information, etc. AFID
congresos also offers two one-day post-workshop activities for Saturday 7 of
September. Please contact them for details.

Summary - Important deadlines.

Mid January 2002. First circular. Call for abstracts and pre-registration.

1 June 2002. Deadline for abstract submission.

30 June 2002. Second circular. Preliminary programme released.

Deadline for Registration and Hotel booking

Late July 2002. Third circular. Final scientific programme released.

4-6 Sep 2002. Workshop

Mid Oct 2002. Deadline for submission of manuscripts.

Jan/Feb 2003. Publications of the proceedings

Workshop web pages
All the relevant information, registration & Hotel booking forms and many
more about the Workshop can be found under the Workshop web pages at:


Scientific Organising Commitee
X. Barcons, IFCA (CSIC-UC), Santander, E (Chair); C.S. Crawford, IoA,
Cambridge, UK; G. Hasinger, MPE, Garching, D; G. Matt, U Roma 3, I; C.
Motch, OAS, Strasbourg, F; P. Rosati, ESO, Garching, D; Y. Ueda, ISAS,
Kanagawa, JP; M.G. Watson, U Leicester, UK; N. White, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt,
USA; B.J. Wilkes, CfA, Cambridge, USA.

Local Organising Commitee
F.J. Carrera (Chair), X. Barcons, M.T. Ceballos, S. Mateos, M.P. Monterde

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