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Workshop on High Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy

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                This is the first announcement of a 

                            WORKSHOP on


                 **  24th and 25th October 2002 **

                  Mullard Space Science Laboratory
               Holmbury St Mary, Dorking, Surrey, UK

          Registration and abstract deadline - 30th June 2002

Some of the most exciting and novel results to emerge from the current 
generation of X-ray observatories, namely XMM-Newton and Chandra, are 
provided by the high spectral resolution of their dispersive spectrometers. 

High resolution spectroscopy in the X-ray band has proven to be an invaluable 
diagnostic tool in detailed investigations of the dynamics and physical 
structure of X-ray sources, investigations which until recently could only be 
carried out on the closest of these sources, the Sun. 

Now that XMM-Newton guest observations are routinely carried out and the data 
widly distributed to the astronomical community, the time is ripe for gathering
a workshop to review the science results and explore the analysis techniques
associated with grating observations; the aim is to focus on XMM-Newton RGS 
investigations and technical issues, without excluding, though, relevant work 
from the Chandra mission. 

In addition to the invited speakers programme, there will time for a number of
contributed talks (focussing on XMM-Newton and Chandra spectroscopy results).
Space for poster papers will also be available. 

               For more details, visit the workshop website:
Looking forward to meeting you at MSSL in October!

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