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First announcement 'X-Ray and Radio Connections'

                      First  Announcement


                      3 - 6 February 2004
                   Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


Dear Colleagues,

We are very pleased to announce the "X-RAY AND RADIO CONNECTIONS"
workshop; a meeting focused on scientific areas where cross
fertilization between theory and observations in both X-Ray and Radio
wavebands provides a key to the underlying physical processes.

The meeting will be held in the sunny and historic town of Santa Fe,
New Mexico (USA) from Tuesday February 3, through Friday February 6,
2004. This date is well before the proposal deadlines of the major
X-Ray and Radio astronomical observing facilities.

This first announcement is aimed at informing all colleagues about the
meeting. We suggest pre-registering for the meeting by visiting the
workshop web site at http://www.aoc.nrao.edu/events/xraydio/

We would appreciate your sharing this announcement with all those whom
might be interested in attending. We apologize if you have received
this announcement more than once.


   "Almost by definition, high energy sources are non-thermal and emit
    throughout the electromagnetic and other spectra and spectrally
    chauvinist interpretations of their behavior are incomplete"
                                                    (Blandford 2003)

   Currently, the observers of high-energy phenomena are split between
   several communities that independently investigate objects in their
   own waveband. This meeting will provide an opportunity to review
   underlying physical models, compare x-ray and radio observations,
   start new collaborations and develop a list of areas where new
   observations and theoretical development could significantly advance
   our understanding in the next few years.

   The meeting will include reviews, contributed talks, and posters on
   the major scientific topics listed below. The organizers hope to
   emphasize both invited and contributed talks from younger members of
   the community. Anyone interested in participating is encouraged to
   pre-register at the meeting website.


   Massive star cluster outflows
   Colliding stellar winds
   Supernova remnants
   Pulsar wind nebulae
   Dissipation of jets and lobes
   Cluster mergers


   Matthew Baring - Rice University
   Alan Bridle - National Radio Astronomy Observatory
   Roger Chevalier - University of Virgina
   Robert Coker - Los Alamos National Laboratory
   Kristy Dyer - National Radio Astronomy Observatory
   Richard Mushotzky - NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
   Frazer Owen - National Radio Astronomy Observatory
   Dan Schwartz - Chandra X-ray Center,
                  Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
   Lorant Sjouwerman - National Radio Astronomy Observatory
   Stephen Whilte - University of Maryland
   Diana Worrall - University of Bristol


     mid August 2003  First Announcement, pre-registration
late September 2003  Second Announcement, call for abstracts, registration
     1 December 2003  Hotel & payment deadline for registration
    10 December 2003  Abstracts due
      5 January 2004  Deadlines for late registration


   The meeting will be held in the Hilton Hotel in Santa Fe, New
   Mexico, USA. The Hilton Santa Fe is conveniently located near the
   historic plaza, where Native American, Hispanic and Anglo American
   cultures meet and lots of eateries, art and tourist shops are
   present. Furthermore, the state capitol is also a good starting
   point for numerous indoor and outdoor activities; in February mostly
   skiing. Santa Fe is highly ranked in the top tourist attractions in
   Northern America and fortunately the hotel has agreed to provide
   rooms three days before and three days after the meeting for the
   same rate. Santa Fe has only a small airport, so most travelers will
   arrive in Albuquerque and take a shuttle or rental car to Santa Fe.
   See http://www.santafe.org/ and http://www.visitsantafe.com/ or


   This meeting is jointly sponsored by
     Chandra X-Ray Center
     Goddard Space Flight Center
     Los Alamos National Laboratories
     National Radio Astronomy Observatory


   Pre-registration is now available at the meeting website:
   This website will be updated regularly with additional information.

To contact the local organizers, email to xraydio@aoc.nrao.edu

   Kristy Dyer, Lorant Sjouwerman and Robert Coker
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