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X-ray Polarimetry Workshop Announcement

                      9-11 February 2004
                   SLAC, Stanford, California
 Dear Colleague,
 The last few years has seen renewed activity aimed at achieving real
 measurements of polarization in the X-ray and hard X-ray band.  These
 include several recent proposals to NASA for dedicated polarimetry missions
 in addition to the polarimeters  on  RHESSI and future missions in 
 Japan and Europe.  It is clear that there is  a significant community 
 involved in these efforts.  On the other hand,  there has not been a great 
 deal of recent theoretical work on X-ray polarimetry.  In view of  
 this, a workshop is being planned on this subject.  The goals are to
 provide a forum for discussion among experimental groups, to stimulate
 work by theorists in this field, and to build support in the broader high
 energy astrophysics community for polarimetry.  
 The workshop will be held February 9-11 2004 at SLAC (Stanford).  
 Due to space limitations the venue cannot accommodate more than 100
 attendees. Registration, Lodging and Abstract submission information
 are now available for the X-Ray Polarimetry Workshop to be held at SLAC,
 Stanford, California, 9-11 February 2004.  Please see the web page at:


 Note the deadlines for registration (December 20 2003) and abstract
 submission (January 15 2004).  Due to space limitations we cannot 
 accomodate more than ~80 attendees.

 We would appreciate your sharing this announcement with all those who
 might be interested in attending. We apologize if you have received
 this announcement more than once.
 Scientific Organizing Committee
 Tim Kallman - NASA/GSFC
 Eric Silver - Center for Astrophysics
 Ronaldo Bellazzini - INFN
 Roger Blandford - Stanford
 Stephen Boggs - Space Sciences Lab
 Enrico Costa - University of Rome
 Andrew Fabian - University of Cambridge
 George Fraser - Leicester University
 Alice Harding - NASA/GSFC
 Phillip Kaaret - Center for Astrophysics
 Steve Kahn - Stanford
 Tune Kamae - Stanford
 Greg Madejski - Stanford
 Herman Marshall - MIT
 Mark Mcconnell - University of New Hampshire
 Rob Petre - NASA/GSFC
 Juri Poutanen - Univesity of Oulu
 Herbert Schnopper - Center for Astrophysics
 Rashid Sunyaev - MPI
 Jean Swank - NASA/GSFC
 Takeshi Tsuru -  Kyoto University
 Martin Weisskopf - NASA/MSFC
 Nick White - NASA/GSFC
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