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Reminder: INTEGRAL AO-3 GO Proposals Due 10/29/04 09:00 EDT

Dear Colleagues;

Just a reminder; the deadline for INTEGRAL AO-3 Guest Observer
proposals is Friday October 29 at 9:00 AM EDT (= 15:00 CEST).

Information is available from our web site (with pointers to various
parts of the ESA INTEGRAL web site):
We are also available by phone (301)-286-8434 or e-mail
(Chris.R.Shrader@gsfc.nasa.gov) to answer any questions regarding the
AO or proposal submission procedures.

The proposal submission software (PGT) is needed. It can be obtained
from the ESA INTEGRAL WWW site (accessible through our site), and it
is supported on Unix, PC or Macintosh.

I also wish to bring to your the recent opening of the NASA/GSFC copy
of the INTEGRAL public data archive. All publicly released INTEGRAL
data up to revolution 80 (June 2003) are now available through the
HEASARC (as well as the ISDC) archives. In addition to the basic data
products, the GSFC INTEGRAL GOF and ISDC have jointly prepared some
additional tables, searchable through the HEASARC Browse system, such
as an INTEGRAL bright source catalog, a published point source
catalog, and a summary results catalog. Each of these can be
cross-correlated with other HEASARC database tables, and can serve as
a useful road-map to the INTEGRAL database or to observation planning.

For additional information, please refer to the "ARCHIVE" section
of the INTEGRAL GOF WWW pages:

As in past mission cycles, NASA will solicit grant support proposals
from  ESA-selected Guest Observers. In addition, limited support for
INTEGRAL archival and theoretical may be available during AO-3;
details will be announced once they are finalized (the deadline is NOT
imminent, it will most likely be in February 2005).

Best regards,   Chris Shrader

       |Dr. Chris R. Shrader                      |
       |Compton GRO Science Center  &             |
       |INTEGRAL Guest Observer Facility          |
       |Code 661, Building 2, Room 235            |
       |NASA Goddard Space Flight Center          |
       |Greenbelt, MD 20771                       |
       |e-mail--->  Chris.R.Shrader@gsfc.nasa.gov |
       |(301)-286-8434                            |
       |(301)-286-1684 FAX                        |
          _  _____  _______    __________________
         / |/ / _ \/ __/ _ \  / ___/ __/ __/ ___/
        /    / _  /\ \/ _  / / (_ /\ \/ _// /__ 
       /_/|_/_//_/___/_//_/  \___/___/_/  \___/ 

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