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First Announcement: The Warm & Hot Universe

Dear colleague,

First announcement of `The Warm & Hot Universe',
May 7-9, 2008, Columbia University, New York City.

X-ray astronomy is in preparing itself for the next
Decadel Survey of the US National Academy of Science.
The field came to life as a result of two discoveries:
a point source and a diffuse emission component.  While
the former represents our violent Universe, the latter
contains vital information about an `invisible' Universe
where as many as half the baryons at low redshifts take

Today, in the era of precision cosmology, X-ray
astronomers are just as excited about future prospects as
they were in 1962.  Whether one thinks about black holes
and galaxy formation, evolution of clusters, AGN and
other non-thermal activities in the intergalactic medium,
or the `missing baryon' problem that infuriates all
cosmologies, X-ray observations will continue to be
a prime driver of astronomy in the years to come.

The purpose of this conference is to enlist and discuss
those important recent achievements in the field, with
a view to the design of future instruments that can best
answer the vital unsettled problems.  Like all branches of
astronomy, the X-ray wavelength also holds the key to some
big questions of the Universe, as it is generally believed
that the missing baryons are hidden in a `warm hot intergalactic
medium', or WHIM, that emits primarily in soft X-ray energies.

All astronomers are encouraged to participate, especially
with the purpose of disseminating their ideas on what the
next generation of X-ray observatories should be like.
Our overall aim, as already stated, is to present the NAS
with the most comprehensive picture of how the X-ray wavelength
remains an indispensable branch of astronomy that must be
pursued to move human understanding of the cosmos into the
next decade.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Lieu (SOC chair)

The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville, AL-35899

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