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Second Announcement: The Local Bubble & Beyond II

*   "The Local Bubble and Beyond II"
*       April 21 - 24th, 2008
*       Philadelphia, PA
*  Organized by the US XMM-Newton GOF

The Local Bubble & Beyond II meeting (http://lbb.gsfc.nasa.gov) will be a 
successor to the original 1997 meeting held near Munich.  The substantial 
increase in observational data about the Local Bubble in all wavebands 
along with progress in theoretical models suggest that the time is right 
for another meeting focused on Local Bubble and related issues.

The meeting will open in the morning on Monday, April 21st and finish at 
Noon on Thursday, April 24th to allow participants from both North America 
and Europe to travel home easily on the 24th.  The meeting will consist of 
a mix of review, invited, and contributed talks and posters.  All posters 
will be up for the entirely of the meeting.


Important Dates:

March 7th: Abstract deadline for contributed talks and posters
March 21st: Early registration ($300) ends; late registration is $350
March 31st: Last date for conference hotel registration.

Important Note Regarding the Hotel:

We have reserved a block of rooms for $149/night, less than half the normal 
rate.  In addition, despite normal practice at Hyatt hotels, all rooms 
reserved through the group rate will receive FREE in-room high-speed 
internet service.  However:

All reservations must be made individually through the Hotel's Reservations 
Department by calling 215.928.1234 or through pennslanding.hyatt.com.  When 
reserving a room on the web use the code G-NASD in the Group/Corporate# 
entry box. When reserving a room by phone, you will first need to give the 
name of the conference, Local Bubble and Beyond II, or LB&B II. Once they 
find the conference you will need to give the Code (G-NASD). You may also 
need to reference NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. Currently, the 
reservation system will not work when using the Hyatt 800 number (no rooms 
left at the group rate) but it will work by calling 215-928-1234 and asking 
for reservations.

Meeting Agenda (Each session will also include 4 contributed talks, in 
addition to the listed invited and
review talks.)

Monday - 21 April - AM
Session 1: ISM Overview: Magnetics Fields, Molecular Clouds, and 
Interstellar Bubbles

   * Review: Carl Heiles - The LHB-Local Cavity interface and Other Bubbles
   * Invited: You-Hua Chu - The observation of ISM Bubbles in the Galaxy 
and Beyond
   * Invited: Jane Arthur - Bubbles in the ISM

Monday - 21 April - PM
Session 2: Local ISM: The Physical Conditions of Nearby Gas

   * Review: Ed Jenkins - The physical conditions of the nearby gas
   * Invited: Jon Slavin - The Most Local ISM
   * Invited: Merav Opher - LISM, Heliosphere and Solar Wind Models

Tuesday - 22 April - AM
Session 3: Modeling the LHB & ISM

   * Review: Don Cox - Theoretical Models of the LHB, LB interfaces with 
other structures, possible formation scenarios for the LB
   * Invited: Sally Oey - The Power Problem of Bubbles
   * Invited: Dieter Breitschwerdt - Modeling the Local Hot Bubble

Tuesday - 22 April - PM
Session 4: Observation and Models of Distant Hot Gas: Superbubbles & 
Galactic Halo

   * Review: Ken Sembach - Observation and Models of Distant Hot Gas: 
Superbubbles & Galactic Halo
   * Invited 1: Daniel Wang - Observations
   * Invited 2: Robin Shelton - Hot Gas in the Galactic Halo

Wednesday - 23 April - AM
Session 5: The Local Bubble in X-rays

   * Review: Kip Kuntz - Review of the X-ray evidence for the LHB
   * Invited: Dan McCammon - Observations of the Local Hot Bubble - Future 
Missions (SXG)
   * Invited: Massimiliano Galeazzi - Shadowing Studies in the Moderate 
(CCD) Resolution Era

Wednesday - 23 April - PM
Session 6: Charge Exchange

   * Review: Tom Cravens - Solar Wind Charge Exchange Contributions to the 
Diffuse X-ray Background
   * Invited: Dimitra Koutroumpa - The Spectrum of Solar Wind Charge 
Exchange Emission
   * Invited: Michael Collier - Observation of Solar Wind Charge Emission - 
Future Missions (MagEx, CODEX)

Thursday - 24 April - AM
Session 7: Local Bubble & Local Cavity in other wavebands - UV-EUV, radio, 

   * Invited: Jeff Linsky - Results from the ISSI Workshop: "From the Outer 
Heliosphere to the Local Bubble: Comparison of New Observations with 
   * Invited: Bill Oegerle - The O VI Issue, Part I
   * Invited: Martin Barstow - The O VI Issue, Part II

Thursday - 24 April - 11am-noon
Featured Debate: The Local Cavity - Hot or Cold

   * Hot: Don Cox
   * Cold: Barry Welsh
   * Bouncer: Steve Snowden

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