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HEASARC News: X-ray Astronomy 2009 - Second Circular

                         SECOND CIRCULAR
        |               X-RAY ASTRONOMY 2009                                     |
        |     Present Status, multiwavelength approach                           |
        |           and future perspectives                                      |
        |             September 7 - 11, 2009                                     |
        |          Aula Absidale di Santa Lucia                                  |
        |               Bologna  (Italy)                                         |
        | http://www.iasfbo.inaf.it/events/xray2009/index.php                    |

Dear Colleague,

This is the second announcement for the Bologna X-ray Astronomy 2009
conference. The meeting will highlight the contributions of
XMM-Newton, Chandra and Suzaku observatories over the last ten years
and celebrate the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009). We plan
to address major observational and theoretical aspects of X-ray
emission from a wide range of cosmic sources. Emphasis will be given
to multiwavelength studies of cosmic sources and associated synergies
with major facilities at all wavelengths, and on the perspectives for
future high-energy astrophysics missions.

We would like to notify you that, due to technical problems with
payments by credit card, the DEADLINES for abstract submission and
early registration have been postponed to:

                         ----> MAY 15 <-----

A preliminary program, along with a list of invited speakers is available at:
and is also appended below.

Please visit our website at:
for registration, hotel booking and further information.

With best regards,

The SOC and LOC



Monday 7th:
   morning (11:00-13:00): Stars
   afternoon (14:30-18:00): SNRs, PWNs and GRBs
   evening (19:00-): Cocktail Party

Tuesday 8th:
   morning (9:00-13:00): Compact Galactic Sources
   afternoon (14:30-19:00): Compact Galactic Sources,
                            Normal and SB galaxies

Wednesday 9th:
   morning (9:00-13:00): Clusters & LSS
   afternoon (14:30-18:00): AGN Physics
                            Giorgio's special session
   evening (20:00-): Social Dinner

Thursday 10th:
   morning (9:00-13:00): Nobel Lecture (R. Giacconi)
                         AGN Physics
   afternoon (14:30-19:00): AGN Census and evolution

Friday 11th:
   morning (9:00-13:00): Current and future missions
                         Future perspectives and closing remarks

Invited Speakers:

Della Ceca Roberto
Drake Jeremy
Fiore Fabrizio
Gallo Elena
Ghisellini Gabriele
Giacconi Riccardo
Gilli Roberto
Grindlay Josh
Israel  Gianluca
Jones Christine
Kouvelioutou Chryssa
Matsuoka Masaru
McBreen Brian
McClintock Jeff
Miniutti Giovanni
Molendi Silvano
Montmerle Thierry
Nakazawa Kazuhiro
Pareschi Giovanni
Parmar Arvind
Predhel Peter
Sanders Dave
Schartel Norbert
Takahashi Tad
Terashima Yuichi
Trinchieri Ginevra
Watson Alan
Weisskopf Martin
Wijnands Rudy


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