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Rosat Status report 84

		ROSAT Status Report #84
		   Feb 7th 1994
RPS5 Note:

If you are planning to submit a proposal for ROSAT AO5, please be 
aware that there is a typo in the NRA Appendix E (overview of RPS5).
In the section on how to copy RPS5, there is an example of how
to uncompress and tar the unix and ultrix versions.  This line
should read
% zcat rps5_ulx_exe.tar | tar xvf -

In the appendix, the | was accidentally converted into a -
I apologize for the confusion.  If you have any questions/problems
with RPS5, please feel free to call or send me email.
Thank you,
Margo Duesterhaus
Proposal Manager
duesterhaus@rosat.gsfc.nasa.gov  or  rosat::duesterhaus