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Rosat status report 88

		ROSAT Status Report #88
		   March 14th 1994

Short Term Timelines

The ROSAT mission short-term timelines are now being made available by 
anonymous ftp.  These timelines cover one week of observations (usually
Monday - Monday) and are created near the middle of the preceeding week.

The ascii files are under rosat/timelines/ and have names of the form:


where stl stands for short-term timelines (lpt stands for line printer), 14
stands for long-term timeline 14, 06 stands for the sixth short-term
timeline of long-term timeline 14, 7765826 is an arbitrary number, and
rmtg_mtl stands for ROSAT Mission Timeline Generator - Mission TimeLine. 

The short-term timelines contain all preprogrammed commands to the 
satellite and detectors and thus have the best available knowledge of
what targets are going to be observed, and when, in the following week.
At the start of each file is information about the operational and 
creation dates of the timeline.  Following this information is a 
time-ordered list of timeline activities and flags, denoted by their

Column headings are DATE and TIME, SEQID for the ROR in effect at that time,
STAT for the status of the ROR (usually REL), DUR for the duration of the
activity or flag (the activity or flag lasts from the DATE/TIME entry for
DUR seconds), KEYWORD for the activity or flag, and PARAMETERS which give
information about the activity or flag.

The keywords XOBSER and WOBSER list when the XRT and WFC, respectively,
are scheduled to observe.  XFILT and WFILT give the XRT and WFC filter
settings, POINT lists when the satellite is pointing at a target direction 
(but not necessarily observing), BELT lists when the satellite is passing 
through the particle belts or SAA, EARTH lists Earth blockage, NEWORB 
gives the orbital elements.

Changes to the legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov ftp area

There have been some changes to the ROSAT FTP area in the past few months.
The important changes include:

1) The exposure map files which were previously housed
in the rosat/exp_map directory have been deleted; a revised, more extensive
set of exposure maps is now permanently resident under 

2) There have been recent updates to the RPS5 (new as of 2/22/94) and
"proscon" (2/23/94) executables.  The latest version of RPS5 is in the
rosat/nra_info/rps5 directory as usual - pick it up if you were having
difficulties. A new version of proscon is available as 
see ROSAT Status Bulletin #86 for details (bulletins are avail-
able through FTP from the rosat/doc/rosat/ directory).

3) The README and .message files are being updated, as well as the content of
the frequently asked questions (faq) files. As a part of this effort, we
will be standardizing file names to contain only lowercase letters, except
in special circumstances (eg., README files, compressed ".Z" files, etc.)
and roman numerals have been replaced with standard numbers, e.g.
"ao3PtII.timeline" is now "ao3pt2.timeline". This may result in a some mild
confusion for a few months, but our hope is that a better organized, more
useful FTP area will be the result. 

For help or comments, contact:

                   Gail Rohrbach
                   Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics
                   Code 664, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
                   Greenbelt, MD  20771
                   Ph: 301/286-1516
                   E-mail: rohrbach@rosserv.gsfc.nasa.gov