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ROSAT Status Report #99

		ROSAT Status Report # 99
		     July 27 1994

[                                                                      ]
[                    HINTS & POINTERS for PROS Users                   ]
[   27 JULY 1994                                                 #12   ]
[                                                                      ]


	The PROS USERS GUIDE (PUG) has been updated to conform to PROS
vs.  2.3.1 (released 24 June 1994).  This issue of the PUG differs
from previous versions because, in addition to the traditional
versions (latex, postscript, or a paper copy), it is also accessable
via the World Wide Web (WWW), i.e. with software tools such as mosaic.
Because the on-line version can be corrected from time to time, we
hope to keep it more current than was done previously.  Therefore, we
recommend that whenever possible, the WWW version be used.  To
facilitate keeping track of what you access, the cover page will have
both a a PROS version number and the date of the last modification.
When sending us comments, please mention both of these items.

	Both latex and postscript files will be placed in
/pub/pros/PUG in our anonftp area (see bottom of this message).  If
you cannot ftp to our site, we will mail you a hardcopy on request to
the address below.

	While there may be some initial problems, we have high hopes
that the WWW version will prove to be popular and not difficult to
maintain.  We realize that in this first experimental version, we have
not availed ourselves of all possible features; e.g. eventually we
plan to add links to the IRAF help files whenever a task is mentioned.
Please send comments and corrections to the address below.  When
sending email, please put "PUG" in the subject line.  To access the
PUG, click on "Pros Users Guide" on the PROS home page, which can be
reached via WWW with the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of:


This PUG revision was done by many members of the USRSDC/SAO team, and
we thank Andrea Prestwitch for her extensive and persistent efforts to
produce the html version.

 	The following were taken from the net.

Obtaining Web Browsers and Servers
ftp info.cern.ch, in directory /pub/www
   Simple text-only browser, as well as the CERN HTTP server.
ftp ftp2.cc.ukans.edu, in directory /pub/WWW/lynx
   Distribution for Lynx, a line-mode curses-based browser.
ftp ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu, in directory /Mosaic
   Mosaic distribution, as well as the NCSA HTTP server.
   contains versions for X windows, MacIntosh, and PC.
ftp oac.hsc.uth.tmc.edu. in directory /public/mac
   Macintosh server.  (filename "NCSAMosaicMac.103.sit.hqx")
ftp fatty.law.cornell.edu, in directory /pub/LII/Cello
   Browser for Microsoft Windows.

Browsers Accessible by Telnet
A comprehensive list of telnet-accessible clients
telnet info.cern.ch
   The simplest line mode browser.
telnet ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
   A full screen browser "Lynx" which requires a vt100 terminal. Log in as
telnet eies2.njit.edu
   Log in as "www". A full-screen browser.

Of General Interest
"Network Access to Multimedia Information", June 1993
   ftp ftp.ed.ac.uk, in directory /pub/mmaccess
   This report summarizes the requirements of academic and research users for
   network access to multimedia information.  (... very long, more an
   analysis of the web , the needs of researchers, the various proposals
   and actual implementations of a global network community, etc, etc.

As the provider of the PROS software package ("xray" in IRAF), the
ROSAT Science Data Center (RSDC) at SAO distributes HINTS & POINTERS
to PROS Users via email.  When we find answers to often asked
questions, or when we have implemented new software solutions to
longstanding problems, we will send this information directly to our
users.  These messages will also be available via anonymous ftp*, but
to receive the email version, you should register with us. If your
username is the one associated with your site registration, you are
already registered for "HINTS & POINTERS", but we encourage other
users (even at the same sites) to register.

Mailings will be sent as the need arises.  If you would like to
suggest items for future issues of H&P or add your name to our
distribution list, please contact us at the following address:

Internet - rsdc@cfa.harvard.edu         RSDC    MS-3
DECnet   - CFA::RSDC (6699::RSDC)       Center for Astrophysics
UUCP     - ...!harvard!cfa!rsdc         60 Garden St. Cambridge MA 02138 USA
BITNET   - rsdc@cfa                     tel: (617) 495-7134  FAX: 495-7356

* to access our anonymous ftp service:
    o   ftp -i sao-ftp.harvard.edu              # node address:
        [Name: anonymous]
        [Password: <yourusername@yoursite>]

   ftp> cd pub/pros/Hints

N.B.: you can also obtain your own copy of the PROS USERS GUIDE by
anonftp from subdir /pub/pros/PUG.