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ROSAT Status #102

		ROSAT Status Report #102
		    August 7th 1994

New Software for Extended Source Analysis

Software for the analysis of PSPC observations of extended objects and
the diffuse background is now ready for export through the legacy 
anonymous ftp account.  At present the software package operates as 
stand-alone FORTRAN programs which use FITSIO and routines from the MPE 
ASTROLIB library (the necessary subroutines are included in the ftp area).
The routines will eventually be converted to Ftools for use in a more
convenient manner.

Along with the code, there is a latex version of a cookbook (cookbook.tex) 
and an annotated listing of an example run (cookbook_example.txt).  The 
software has undergone extensive beta-site testing with in general 
excellent results.  However, should the need arise, questions and 
problems should be addressed to Steve Snowden at the USRSDC 
(LHEAVX::SNOWDEN or snowden@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov).  Also, please feel free
to offer suggestions to improve the code or documentation.

The code and documentation can be found in the legacy anonymous ftp area:


A number of required data files are also in this area.  The detector
maps required by the software are found in another area which is listed 
in the cookbook, presently it is: