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ROSAT Status Report # 110

 			ROSAT Status Report # 110
			     Nov 15th 1994


1) ROSAT Catalog Update
2) Data Distribution News

1)  ROSAT Catalog Update

The database table created by MPE from the Rev 0/1 output is now available
through the HEASARC online service, and is called ROSATSRC. A comparison
with WGACAT reveals surprising differences. While the total number
of detected sources is approximately the same, in the inner 20 arc min
ROSATSRC contains twice as many sources as WGACAT, whereas in the 
outer region WGACAT contains two times more sources than ROSATSRC.
The poster paper on WGACAT presented at the NAPA valley meeting of the 
AAS High Energy Astrophysics Division (1994, Nov 2-5) is now available
on the WWW under 


A brief comparison of the results from WGACAT and ROSATSRC, also 
linked from that page, can be found under 


2) Data Distribution News

The U.S. ROSAT Science Data Center is terminating support for 9-track tapes as
a data distribution medium.  In the past, we have supported 9-track and 8mm
tapes as the distribution media.  Beginning immediately, we will only support
8mm EXABYTE and 4mm DAT tape formats.

The standard distribution media will be 8mm EXABYTE, 2 GB density.  Any PI who
wishes to receive 4mm DAT, 2 GB density rather than 8mm EXABYTE should send
e-mail to survey@rsdps.gsfc.nasa.gov.  Please include your full name and ROSAT
PI number, if known.

For your convenience, we have included the following form which can be returned
to us.


                          ROSAT Media Selection Form

Please indicate below which media format you prefer.  You can return this form
electronically to survey@rsdps.gsfc.nasa.gov, or by mail to the address below. 
If you wish to receive your ROSAT data on 8mm EXABYTE 2GB density, you need not
return this form.

PI Name:	_______________________________________________________

E-mail Address:	_____________________________________

PI Number:	_____________________

I would like to receive my ROSAT data on the following media (please select
only one):

	________  8mm EXABYTE		________  4mm DAT

Return by mail to:			Return electronically to:

NASA/GSFC Code 631			survey@rsdps.gsfc.nasa.gov
U.S. ROSAT Science Data Center		RSDPS::SURVEY
Greenbelt, Maryland  20771