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ROSAT Status Report #114

		ROSAT Status Report # 114
   			Dec 13 1994

The USRSDC is reprocessing all PCV, AO1-AO4 data and has been distributing
this data to PIs. In order to keep confusion to a minimum, all future
reprocessed data will have both a note stating that this package contains
reprocessed data and a sticker attached to the tape stating that the data
is reprocessed. The general rule is that if your observation was done
before September 23 1992 (ROSAT DAY 857) then it will be reprocessed and a
new tape will be sent to you (note - there is a deviation of plus or minus
7 days to the above mentioned dates). The USRSDC advises all PIs to check
the data summary page which is included with the data for the observation
date. If this date is prior to September 23, 1992 then your data was
reprocessed and re-sent to you. This data will have a 6 month proprietary
period associated with it.