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AO6 Announcement

 			ROSAT Status Report # 119
			    March 1st 1995


		Call for ROSAT AO6 Observing Proposals

The U.S. ROSAT project is now accepting observing proposals for the AO6
observing cycle.  Observations in this cycle will be scheduled over a one-
year period, starting in October, 1995.  The due date for observing 
proposals is May 15, 1995.

As was the case for AO5, only proposals for HRI observations will be 
considered.  Also, given the unique opportunity presented by ROSAT to 
perform wide field, deep, high angular resolution observations, we are once 
again encouraging submission of proposals for large programs.

A limited amount of funding will be available for supporting observing 
programs accepted for AO6.  Funding requests will be handled separately 
from observing proposals, and will be solicited only from observers whose 
proposals have been accepted.

A printed announcement, containing all information necessary for proposal 
submission, will be mailed within the week to all receiving this 
announcement electronically.  The paper announcement describes 
the details of the proposal submission process, and provides technical 
information regarding the performance of the HRI.  It also describes access to 
the RPS software, for (mandatory) electronic submission of proposal forms,
as well as other useful software and documents.  This document is 
accessible in postscript form in the ROSAT GOF ftp area on 
legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov, and in screen readable form in the ROSAT GOF area on 
the world-wide web.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the GOF support team at
rosat@rosserv.gsfc.nasa.gov, or me directly at petre@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov.

We look forward to seeing many interesting observing ideas, 
and to an exciting AO6 program.


Rob Petre
U.S. ROSAT Project Scientist

Key facts:

AO Issue Date:				March 1, 1995
Proposal Due Date:			May 15, 1995

Number of proposal copies:		15
Proposal Page Limit			4 pages; < 3 pages text
						 < 2 pages figures
						 (+ mandatory forms) 

Mailing Address:			ROSAT "AO6" Program
					c/o Dr. R. Petre
					Code 666
					Goddard Space Flight Center
					Greenbelt, MD  20771  USA

For document retrieval:			ftp legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov
					login:  anonymous
					directory rosat/nra_info/ao6

World-wide web access:	



There have been a few changes to the ROSAT Anonymous FTP area at GSFC, in
support of AO6.  The following is an easy-reference listing of where to
find the most commonly needed documents.  All are accessible through
anonymous FTP to:

AO6 ANNOUNCEMENT and information on RPS6 

   directory:   rosat/nra_info/ao6

   files:       ao6.ps       -- AO6 announcment, in PostScript format
                rps6.app     -- 1 page description of how to submit  
                                proposals for AO6 (proposal submission
                                is different from previous AO's).

    directory:  rosat/doc    

    For a description of these documents, see the AO6 announcement
    (ao6.ps), listed above.

         document                        sub-directory
       ------------                     -----------------

    ROSAT Users' Handbook:         rosat/doc/users_handbook

    HRI Report (Appendix E):       rosat/doc/hri/hri_report

    ROSAT Mission Description
     (Appendix F):                 rosat/doc/appendix_f (available 03/20/95)

    ROSAT Data Analysis using
     xselect and ftools:           rosat/doc/xselect_guide
    PROS User's Guide              ftp to "sao-ftp.harvard.edu"

(These documents are also accessible from the ROSAT GOF world wide web page

ABSTRACTS from previously accepted proposals

    directory:  rosat/abstracts

    files:      abs_ao1.Z    -- all abstracts for successful AO1 proposals
                abs_ao2.Z    -- all abstracts for successful AO2 proposals
                  ...        -- etc., through AO5