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ROSAT Status 130: Update on Wurzburg Conference

		ROSAT Status Report # 130
		    August 21 1995


		An Update on the Wurzburg Meeting
	      "R"ontgenstrahlung from the Universe"

		September 25--29, 1995


1) Conference Details
2) Semi-final Program
3) List of Posters


                   R"ontgenstrahlung from the Universe

       International Conference on X-Ray Astronomy and Astrophysics

                        September 25-29, 1995 
                          W"urzburg, Germany

                         organized jointly by

          Max-Planck Institut f"ur Extraterrestrische Physik
          Astronomisches Institut der Universit"at W"urzburg

                       Third Circular, August 1995


With this last circular we want to inform you about the semi-final 
program schedule of the conference. We also include an update of the 
organisational information you received with the previous circulars.

The number of registered participants is about 350. Slightly more than 
100 talks could be scheduled. As you can see from the program, the two 
morning sessions and the first afternoon session are composed of 
review talks (40 minutes) and highlight talks (20 minutes). In the 
later afternoon contributed talks (15 minutes) will follow in two 
parallel sessions. Poster sessions should allow to discuss the many 
important contributions (see list of posters) that cannot be presented 

We wish you an enjoyable journey to W"urzburg and we hope that you 
will find the conference location and your hotel room without any 

We are looking forward to meeting you in W"urzburg.

With best regards,
Joachim Tr"umper      Uli Zimmermann 


B. Aschenbach            G. Fabbiano  
G. Hasinger              W. Lewin
K. Mason                 H. "Ogelman
R. Petre                 J. Pye      
R. Staubert              Y. Tanaka   
J. Tr"umper (Chair)      H. Zinnecker

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

W. Brinkmann             W. Pietsch 
T. Preibisch             J.H.M.M. Schmitt
H.W. Yorke               H.-U. Zimmermann (Chair)
H. Zinnecker

Conference secretariat: Mrs. Lynn Falke and Mrs. Renate Steinle


The conference will be held at the Auditorium Maximum of the Neue 
Universit"at W"urzburg, Sanderring 2, located near to the city 
center (see appended city map). Due to the problematic parking 
situation near the university, please avoid using your car.  Most 
of the relevant places in W"urzburg are reachable within 10 to 20 
minutes walking.


Abstracts of talks and posters will be distributed  in a conference 
abstract booklet, available at the beginning of the conference. 

The participants who could not meet the abstract deadline can still 
e-mail their abstracts to the Conference Secretariat. If they arrive 
before September 15, we will prepare copies for the conference desk. 
The abstracts  should include the title, the authors and their 
affiliation as well as an abstract text of no more than 200 words. 
You will help us by using the LATEX blanc form available via the 
conference www or ftp access (see INFORMATION and COMMUNICATION).

Talks and poster contributions will be published in the conference 
proceedings. Detailed instructions will be given later. 

For each poster an area of 1m x 1m will be available. Participants 
with several posters may get a maximum of 2 poster areas. Tapes for 
fixing the posters will be available at the conference desk. 


The conference registration fee of DM 150 will include a copy of the 
abstract booklet and the conference proceedings. The fee should be 
paid directly at the conference desk. Please consider that we can 
take only German money and cannot accept checks or credit cards.

The conference desk will open for registration on Sunday, September 24,
at 8 pm in the rooms of the B"urgerspital (see SOCIAL EVENTS). During 
the meeting the conference desk team will be available in the foyer 
in front of the Auditorium Maximum from about 8 am onwards.


W"urzburg is located in the middle of Germany, about 100 km east of 
Frankfurt, on the river Main. The capital of Unterfranken (Bavaria) is
a town of about 130 thousand inhabitants and displays many colourful 
signs of its long and eventful history. The magnificent Residenz, the 
Castle Marienberg, beautiful churches and palaces as well as nearby 
medieval villages and castles contribute as much to the specific 
character of this city as the many wine-taverns and the university 

The city lies at the intersection of major highways and railroad lines. 
By plane you will arrive in Frankfurt and can then proceed to 
W"urzburg via train (railway station in the airport; trains in hourly 
intervals) in about an hour and a half. By car you may follow the 
Autobahn from Frankfurt to N"urnberg and exit at W"urzburg - 


On Sunday, September 24, the evening before the conference, an 
informal  'no host' GET TOGETHER will take place at the wine restaurant 
B"urgerspital, Theaterstr. 19 (see city map), starting at 8 pm. You 
may have your dinner there and register at the conference desk.

Monday evening a guided wine tasting in the cellars of the Hofkellerei 
is planned. The cellars, illuminated by candles, belong to the most 
remarkable ones in Europe. Tickets (DM 30) will be available at the 
conference desk. Participation is limited to about 150 people.

Tuesday evening, directly after the afternoon sessions, we have 
arranged a guided tour through the exhibition "100 Jahre 
R"ontgenstrahlen" (100 years of X-rays) in the Residenz. The 
exposition is celebrating the centennial of the discovery of X-rays 
by Wilhelm Conrad R"ontgen on November 8, 1895 at the University of 
W"urzburg. The tour will take about one hour. There will be no entry 

At conference half time, on Wednesday afternoon, we will organize an 
excursion to historical sites in the surroundings of W"urzburg. There
will be a moderate fee. 

The conference dinner will take place on Thursday evening in the Castle
Marienberg. Dinner tickets will be available for DM 30.


We hope that most of you have already made your hotel reservation, 
because  generally hotels are booked heavily at this time of the year. 

Participants that have not yet rooms in W"urzburg may use the hotel 
reservation form enclosed with this circular (mark 'inner city') and 
return it to the tourist office in W"urzburg. The office will select 
hotels near to the conference location. 


The conference will be organized jointly by the Max-Planck Institut 
f"ur Extra-terrestrische Physik and the Astronomisches Institut der 
Universit"at W"urzburg. The conference secretariat resides at Garching.

E-mail:     xray-conf@mpe-garching.mpg.de 
Fax:        +49-(0)89-3299 -3569
Mail:       X-Ray Conference Secretariat 
            Max-Planck Institut f"ur Extraterrestrische Physik 
            Postfach 1603 
            85740 Garching 
Telephone:  +49-(0)89-3299 -3559 J. Tr"umper (SOC) 
                           -3593 U. Zimmermann (LOC)
                           -3805 L. Falke, secretary
                           -3318 R. Steinle, secretary

Current information on the program, the organisation and the city of 
W"urzburg is available via

World Wide Web:


anonymous ftp:
ftp  rosat_svc.mpe-garching.mpg.de  (user: anonymous  no password) 
> cd general/xray-conf
> get contents.doc
> get ...
> quit


          International Conference on X-Ray Astronomy and Astrophysics

                    Ro"ntgenstrahlung from the Universe

                 25-29 September 1995, Wu"rzburg, Germany

                      Deadline: August 14, 1995
I hereby reserve 

.......... single room(s)           .......... double room(s)
Location of the accommodation

... inner city                ... city             ... suburbs
PRICE including breakfast         single               double
Room with bath/shower/WC      ... from DM 90.-     ... from DM 130.-
Room with bath/shower/WC      ... from DM 130.-    ... from DM 180.-
Room with bath/shower/WC      ... from DM 180.-    ... from DM 250.-
Date of arrival                   for                  night(s)
Approx. time of arrival                         by car/train
Date                              Signature
SENDER (print letters)
Zip code                          City
     With regard to conventions you are asked to meet the deadline
In case of room reservations the Tourist Office only proceeds as an agent.
Your request should arrive at the office early enough to allow us to accommodate 
you and send you a reply (about one week).
For your reservation the tourist office charges you DM 5.- which you will 
have to pay with your hotel bill.
Please return this form to:

Congress & Tourismus Zentrale
Am Congress Centrum
D-97070 W"urzburg

Tel. +49-(0)931-37335
Fax  +49-(0)931-37652


                      Semi-final Program

               R"ontgenstrahlung from the Universe
            September 25--29, 1995, W"urzburg, Germany

                   Monday, September 25

09:00 Session A
Rappaport, S.      Supersoft X-ray Sources                         40'

10:20 Coffee 

10:50  Session B
Schmitt, J.H.M.M.  X-ray Emission from Normal Stars                40' 
Caillault, J.-P.   ROSAT Observations of Stellar Clusters          20' 
Kudritzki, R.P.    The X-ray Emission of O - Stars                 20'
Preibisch, T.      Emission from Herbig Ae/Be Stars                20' 

12:30 Lunch 

14:00 Session C
Fabian, A,         The X-ray emission from Seyferts and Quasars    40'
Makino, F.         ASCA Observations of Blazars                    20'
Elvis, M.          High Redshift Quasars                           20'

15:20 Coffee & Poster Session on 
                   AGNs and Cosmic Background  

15:50 Session D1
Freyberg, M.J.     X-ray Observations of NGC 2024 and NGC 2023     15'
Skinner, S.L.      ASCA X-Ray Observations of Pre-Main-Sequence 
                   Stars                                           15' 
Randich, S.        Young Open Stellar Clusters                     15'
G"udel, M.         The Sun in Time: ROSAT/ASCA/IUE/VLA 
                   Multi-Wavelength Studies of Solar Proxies       15' 
Belloni, T.        An X-ray View of Open Clusters                  15'
White, N.E.        ASCA and ROSAT Observations of Late Type Stars  15' 
Hempelmann, A.     Coronal X-ray Emission of Late-type MS stars in 
                   Relation to Chromospheric Activity and 
                   Magnetic Cycles                                 15'
K"urster, M.       ROSAT and AB Doradus: The First Five Years      15'
Haisch, B.         X-ray Observations of Stellar Flares            15'
Ottmann, R.        ROSAT Observation of a Giant X-ray Flare on 
                   Algol: Evidence for abundance variations ?      15' 
Werner, K.         Hot H-deficient WDs                             15'

15:50 Session D2
Done, C.           Kinematics of the Broad Emission Line Region 
                   in NGC 5548                                     15'
Jones, L.          QSO evolution                                   15'
Kock, A.           New BL Lac Objects from the ROSAT 
                   All-Sky Survey                                  15' 
Madejski, G.       ROSAT, ASCA and EGRET GRO Observations of the
                   BL Lac Object AO 0235+164                       15'
Maraschi, L.       On the Spectral Energy Distributions of Blazars 15' 
Worrall, D.M.      ROSAT Results for Radio Galaxies                15'
Shastri, P.        R"ontgenstrahlung  from Radio-Loud Quasars:
                   New Insights from ROSAT                         15'
Siebert, J.        X-ray Properties of Large Samples of 
                   Radio-loud AGNs                                 15'
Treves, A.         Multifrequency Observations of a Flare in the 
                   BL Lac Object PKS 2155-304                      15' 
Comastri, A.       ASCA X-ray Spectra of High Luminosity Quasars   15'
Matsuoka, M.       Active Galactic Nuclei and their Contribution 
                   to the Cosmic X-ray Background                  15' 



                   Tuesday, September 26

09:00 Session A
Tanaka, Y.         Galactic Black-Hole Binaries                    40'
Becker, W.         ROSAT Observations of Neutron Stars             20'
Beuermann, K.      Polars: Accretion onto Magnetic White Dwarfs    20' 

10:20  Coffee

10:50 Session B
B"ohringer, H.     X-ray Clusters of Galaxies as 
                   Cosmological Probes                             40' 
Cavaliere, A.      Concentration of Baryons in Distant Clusters    20'
Henry, J.P.        The Temperatures of Clusters of Galaxies        20'
Lieu, R.           Discovery of 5 x 10^5 K Gas in the Centre of 
                   the Virgo Cluster                               20'

12:30  Lunch 

14:00 Session C
Hasinger, G.R.     The Cosmic X-Ray Background and the 
                   Role of Galaxies                                40'
Inoue, H.          ASCA Sky Surveys and Cosmic X-Ray Background    20' 
Voges, W.          Identifications of the 
                   ROSAT All Sky Survey Sources                    20'

15:20  Coffee & Poster Session on 
                   Binaries, Compacts and Clusters of Galaxies 

15:50 Session D1
Mereghetti, S.     On the Nature and Spin Period Distribution of 
                   Very Low Mass X-ray Binary Pulsars              15'
Haberl, F.         Two Spectrally Distinct Classes of Intermediate 
                   Polars discovered with ROSAT                    15'
van-Teeseling, A.  Iron Fluorescence and Compton Reflection in 
                   Magnetic CVs                                    15'
Kahabka, P.        Supersoft Sources, Exploring Steady-state and
                   Nova-like Systems                               15'
Ebisawa, K.        X-ray Spectroscopy of the Supersoft Source 
                   RXJ0925.7-475                                   15'
Pakull, M.W.       Supersoft X-ray Sources: The Optical/UV Picture 15'
Reinsch, K.        X-ray and Optical Variability of 
                   Supersoft X-ray Sources                         15' 
Kawai, N.          X-ray / Optical Contemporaneous Observations 
                   of SS 433                                       15'
Gilfanov, M.       First Results of GRANAT/SIGMA Operations in the 
                   Scanning Mode                                   15' 
Grebenev, S.A.     Population of X-ray Sources near the Galactic 
                   Center according to ART-P/GRANAT                15' 

15:50 Session D2
Cruddace, R.G.     A Study of Clusters of Galaxies Detected during 
                   the ROSAT All-Sky Survey in a Large Region 
                   Surrounding the South Galactic Pole             15'
Ohashi, T.         ASCA Studies of the Hot Gas in 
                   Clusters of Galaxies                            15'
Churazov, E.       Observations of A1367 with ASCA. Search for 
                   Temperature and Abundance Gradients             15'
Ikebe, Y.          Study of the Mass Distribution in Clusters 
                   of Galaxies with the ASCA Satellite             15' 
Pierre, M.         Deep ROSAT Observation of the 
                   Lens Cluster A2390                              15'
Allen, S.W.        A Combined X-ray and Gravitational Lensing 
                   Study of the Massive Cooling-flow Cluster 
                   PKS0745-191                                     15'
Rosati, P.         A Serendipitous Deep Cluster Survey from 
                   ROSAT-PSPC Pointed Observations                 15'
Buote, D.A.        Quantifying the Morphologies and Dynamical 
                   Evolution of Galaxy Clusters                    15' 
Shanks, T.         The Contribution of Faint Galaxies to the 
                   X-ray Background                                15' 
Warwick, R.S.      Shadowing of the Extragalactic 0.25 keV 
                   Background by NGC 55                            15' 

18:45  X-RAY EXHIBITION '100 Jahre R"ontgenstrahlen' 


                   Wednesday, September 27

09:00 Session A
Mushotzky, R.      X-ray Spectroscopy of Clusters and Groups       40'
Sarazin, C.L.      ROSAT Observations and Correlated X-ray, Radio 
                   and Optical Features in Cluster Cooling Flows   20'
Jones, M.E.        Optimising H_0 Determination from the 
                   X-ray + Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Route                20'

10:20 Coffee 

10:50 Session B
Aschenbach, B.     ROSAT Observations of Supernova Remnants        40'
Petre, R.          A Central Stellar Remnant in Puppis A           20' 
Tsunemi, H.        Thermal Emissions from Kepler's SNR 
                   obtained with ASCA                              20' 
Burrows, N.D.      ROSAT Observations of the Orion-Eridanus 
                   Superbubble                                     20' 

12:30 Lunch 



                      Thursday, September 28

09:00 Session A
Snowden, S.L.      The Interstellar Medium and the Soft X-ray 
                   Background                                      40'
Chu, Y.H.          X-Ray View of the Interstellar Medium in the 
                   Large Magellanic Cloud                          20'
Koyama, K.         ASCA Observations of the Galactic Center        20'

10:20 Coffee 

10:50 Session B
Barstow, M.A.      The Strange Case of the Missing 
                   White Dwarfs ...   and Other Mysteries          40'
Jordan, S.         X-ray Detection of Metals in the Atmospheres 
                   of Hot  White Dwarfs                            20'

Pye, J.P.          ROSAT EUV Wide Field Camera: Highlights         20'

Mason, K.O.        The ROSAT International X-ray/Optical 
                   Survey (RIXOS)                                  20'

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Session C
Fabbiano, G.       X-ray Observations of Galaxies                  40' 
Supper, R.         Results from Deep ROSAT PSPC Surveys of M31     20' 
Ponman, T.         X-ray Properties of Galaxy Groups               20' 

15:20 Coffee & Poster Session on
                   WDs, Interstellar Medium and SNRs 

15:50 Session D1
Bergh"ofer, T.W.   X-Ray Emission of Hot Stars                     15'
Feldmeier, A.      Time-dependent Radiation Driven Wind Models 
                   and the X-Emission from Hot Stars               15'
Dickel, J.R.       X-ray Characteristics of Supernova Remnants 
                   in the Magellanic Clouds                        15' 
Miyata, E.         ASCA Observations of the Cygnus Loop            15'
Bomans, D.J.       X-ray Emission of Supergiant Shells             15'
Zimmermann, H.-U.  ROSAT Observations of SN1993J and other 
                   Recent Supernovae                               15' 

Kerp, J.           The Physical Association of High-velocity 
                   Clouds with Soft X-ray Emission                 15'
Trinchieri, G.     Detailed X-ray Observations of 
                   Early Type Galaxies                             15'
Vogler, A.         ROSAT Observations of Spiral Galaxies           15' 
Breitschwerdt, D.  The Physics of Diffuse Soft X-ray Emission in 
                   the Disk and Halo of Spiral Galaxies            15'
Pietsch, W.        The ROSAT All-Sky Survey View of the LMC        15'

15:50  Session D2
Neumann, M.        X-ray Emission from the Jet of M87              15'
R"oser, H.-J.      ROSAT HRI Observations of the Jet of 3C273 
                   and the Hot Spot of Pictor A                    15'
Wagner, S.J.       X-ray Properties of Cen A                       15' 
Boller, T.         Ultrasoft AGNs as Low-mass Black Holes          15'
Brandt, W.N.       Large X-ray Outburst in the Ultrasoft WFC AGN 
                   Zwicky 159.034  (IC 3599)                       15' 
Mannheim, K.       Ultrasoft Transient X-ray Emission from AGNs    15'
Ueno, S.           ASCA Observations of Seyfert II Galaxies        15'
Meurs, E.J.A.      On the Nature of High-LX IRAS Galaxies          15'
Junkes, N.         NGC 2903 and NGC 4569 - X-ray Observations of 
                   two Spiral Galaxies with Nuclear Starburst 
                   Activity                                        15'
Griffiths, R.E.    The Cosmological Evolution of 
                   Narrow Emission Line Galaxies                   15'
McHardy, I.M.      The Origin of the Cosmic Soft X-ray Background:
                   Field Galaxies at Intermediate Redshifts        15' 



                      Friday, September 29

9:00 Session A
Uchida, Y.         Results from the X-Ray Solar Physics 
                   Satellite Yohkoh                                20'
Bowyer, S.         The Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer                20' 

Montmerle, T.      The ROSAT View of Molecular Clouds: 
                   Distant vs. Local                               20' 
Neuh"auser, R.     ROSAT All-Sky Survey Observations of 
                   T Tauri Stars and T Associations                20'

10:20  Coffee 

10:50 Session B
Verbunt, F.        Cataclysmic Variables                           40'
Nagase, F.         Spectroscopic Studies of X-Ray Binary Pulsars
                   with ASCA                                       20'
Mirabel, I.F.      Superluminal Motions in the Galaxy              20'
Sunyaev, R.        X-ray Properties of two Galactic 
                   Superluminal Radio Sources                      20'

12:30 Lunch 

14:00 Session C
Waite Jr., J.H.    ROSAT Observations of Jupiter                   20'
Burbidge, G.       The Role of X-ray Astronomy in Cosmology        20' 

Lewin, W.H.G.      Conference Summary                              40'

15:20 Closing remarks

                   END OF CONFERENCE 


                        List of Posters
                       version 16-Aug-1995

                R"ontgenstrahlung from the Universe
             September 25-29, 1995, W"urzburg, Germany

    Only the name of the first author of each poster contribution
                        is given in this list

Alcala, J.M.    ROSAT Observations of the Chamaeleon II Dark Cloud 
Amnuel, P.      On the Evolutionary Sequence of Low Mass X-ray 
Amnuel, P.      Four Classes of the Galactic X-ray Sources  
Amnuel, P.      The Birthplace of Pulsars in the Galaxy 
Angelini, L.    The Variable ROSAT Sky  
Arefiev, V.     The Results of Galactic Center Region Observations 
                by TTM Telescope Onboard KVANT-MIR Station in 1994-1995
Artemova, J.    Accretion Disk Structure at Arbitrary Optical Depth  
Asaoka, I.      X-ray Arc in the Cygnus Region Discovered in the 
                ROSAT All Sky Survey 

Bade, N.        ROSAT All Sky Survey Sources on Schmidt Plates 
Baker, J.C.     Radio, Optical and X-ray Properties of a Complete 
                Sample of Radio Quasars 
Ballet, J.      Power Density Spectra of Black Hole X-ray Binaries 
                with SIGMA 
Barber, C.R.    Fluctuations in the Soft X-ray Background 
Beardmore, A.P. Five X-ray Observations of the Intermediate Polar 
                FO Aqr Spanning Ten Years 
Beckert, T.     Free-free Absorption of Sgr A* and its
                Implications for X--ray Observations 
Bischoff, K.    HRI Observations of Selected Seyfert Galaxies 
Black, G.       Atomic Data for X-ray Lines of Iron 
Blondiau, M.J.  X-ray Shadows in the Large Magellanic Cloud 
Bocchino, F.    Time Screening Optimization Algorithm for ROSAT 
                PSPC/HRI Observations  
Bocchino, F.    On the Study of NEI Regime in Supernova Remnants: 
                Emission Model and ROSAT PSPC Spectral Fitting 
Borne, K.       The Unusual X-ray Collision Morphology of 
                NGC 4782/4783 (3C278)  
Borumand, M.    The Polytropic Boundary Layer in Stellar Accretion 
Brandt, S.      X-ray Luminosity Function of Weak Stellar Sources in 
                the LMC 
Braun, M.       The Nearby Dwarf Irregular Galaxy UGCA 86  
Brinkman, A.    X-ray spectroscopy with the Reflection Grating 
                Spectrometer on board of XMM 
Brinkman, A.    High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy with the Low 
                Energy Transmission Grating of Axaf 
Brinkmann, W.   Northern Radio-Loud AGN in the ROSAT All Sky Survey  
Brunner, H.     X-ray Properties of Optically Selected Quasars 
Burderi, L.     Simulations of Aperiodic Variabilities in Galactic 
                X-ray Source  
Burke, D.J.     A Search for Distant X-ray Galaxy Clusters 
Burrows, D.N.   CUBIC: An X-ray CCD Spectrometer for the Diffuse 
                X-ray Background 
Burwitz, V.     X-ray Spectra and Light Curves of ROSAT Discovered 
                AM Herculis Binaries  
Busser, J.-U.   G299.2-2.9 - a New Galactic supernova Remnant 
                Discovered by ROSAT  

Campana, S.     Radio Pulsar and Accretion Regimes of Rapidly Rotating 
                Magnetic Neutron Stars in Early-type Eccentric Binaries
Carballo, R.    The ROSAT UK Medium Sensitivity Survey 
Carrera, F.     Clustering in the Universe from the RIXOS Project 
Chaty, S.       Millimeter and Infrared Observations Toward GRS 1915+105
Chu, Y.-H.      X-ray Emission from Superbubbles 
Ciliegi, P.     ROSAT X-ray Spectral Analysis of EMSS AGN  
Ciliegi, P.     The X-ray Properties of the CRSS AGN Sample  
Colmenero, E.R. ROSAT PSPC Spectra of X-ray Selected Narrow Emission 
                Line Galaxies 
Colpi, M.       Fall-back of Material onto a Compact Remnant in 
                Supernova Explosion  
Corcoran, M.F.  Eta Carinae: Variability in a New Light 
Cordis, L.      A Flux Limited Sample of AGN from the ROSAT All Sky 
Czerny, B.      Free-free Emission Model of Optical/UV/Soft X-ray 
                Emission in AGN  
Czerny, B.      Nuclear Wind from Accreting Disk Coronae in AGN 

Damiani, F.     X-ray Variability of T Tauri Stars in the rho Oph 
Damiani, F.     A Detection Method for X-ray Images based on 
                Wavelet Transforms: the Case of the ROSAT PSPC 
David, L.       Orientation Effects of Clusters in Superclusters 
Davis, D.S.     Spectral and Spatial Analysis of the NGC 2300 Group  
De Grandi, S.   The Luminosity Function of a Complete RASS Sample 
                of Clusters of Galaxies 
Della~Ceca, R.  ASCA Observations of Star-Forming Dwarf Galaxies
Dennerl, K.     Discovery of a new X-ray pulsar in the LMC with ROSAT  

Ebeling, H.     The X-ray Brightest Cluster Sample (BCS) Compiled from 
                ROSAT All-Sky Survey Data 
Ehle, M.        Hot Gas and Magnetic Fields in Halos of Nearby Spiral 
                Galaxies - Statements drawn from the Combination 
                of X-ray  and Radio observations  
Englhauser, J.  The Hard X-ray Emission from SN 1987A  
Ercan, E.       Search for X-Ray Spectral and Timing Variabilities of 
                CVs with ROSAT PSPC 

Fender, R.P.    Galactic Supersoft X-ray Sources : Infrared and 
                Millimeter Observations  
Filipov, L.G.   The Accretion Disc - a Typical System 
Filipovic, M.D. Investigation of sources common to radio and X-ray 
                surveys of the Large Magellanic Cloud 
Folgheraiter, E.L.  The Supernova Remnant G32.1-0.9: ROSAT and 
                ASCA Results  
Fossati, G.     On the Relationship Between Radio- and X-ray 
                Selected BL Lac Objects  
Fourniol, N.    High-ionisation HII Galaxies : ROSAT and Optical 
Friedrich, P.   ABRIXAS, an Imaging Telescope for a 0.5-10 keV 
                X-ray Survey  
Fritsch, C.     The Fundamental Properties of Clusters of Galaxies  
Frontera, F.    The SAX/PDS High Energy X-ray Experiment and its 
                Astrophysical Performance 
Furuzawa, A.    Iron Line Emission from Distant Clusters of Galaxies  

George, I.      Warm Reflectors and Absorbers in Seyfert Galaxies 
Geppert, U.     Non-steady State Accretion and Evolution of Her X-1 
                like Systems 
Giarrusso, S.   Spectral Capabilities in the Hard X-ray Band with the 
                HPGSPC on board the Italian-Dutch Satellite SAX 
Gondhalekar, P.M.  Soft X-ray Properties of a Large Sample of AGNs 
                and Quasars 
Gotthelf, E.V.  N157B: A Crab-Like Supernova Remnant with an X-ray 
                Emitting Shell  
Gruppioni, C.   Radio Observations of a Deep ROSAT Field: The Marano 
Guainazzi, M.   Spectral Variability in the ASCA AO2 Observation of the 
                Seyfert 1 Galaxy NGC4051  
G\"udel, M.     Resolving Binaries with the ROSAT HRI: 
                The Visual System AB Dor + Rst 137B
G\"udel, M.     The Hot Corona of YY Mensae 
G\"udel, M.     Coronal Density Estimates from X-ray Rotational 
G\"udel, M.     Coordinated Monitoring of the Flare Star UV Ceti with 
                ROSAT, ASCA, and the VLA  
Guillout, P.    The Stellar Content of Soft X-ray Surveys: An Age 
                Dependent Numerical Model 

Haberl, F.      The Long Term Temporal Behaviour of two High Mass
                X-ray Binaries in the LMC observed with ROSAT 
Halm, I.        ASCA Observation of the Exotic SNR CTB 80 
Harnden~Jr., F.R.  HRI Observations of the Pleiades 
Harris, D.E.    The Effects of a High Luminosity Radio Galaxy on the 
                ICM: ROSAT HRI Observations of CYGNUS A  
Hattori, M.     X-ray Search for Dark Lens Objects  
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