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ROSAT Status#139 - Updated Master Observation List

		ROSAT Status Report #139
		    April 18 1996

   	   UPDATED ROSAT Master Observation List

The latest ROSAT Master Observation Log files can now be found in the 
ROSAT anonymous FTP are under the directory: /rosat/timelines/

below is a copy of the masterlog.README file explaining the contents
of the files.


The master observation log combines all available information about all
ROSAT observations to date into one "masterlog" data base.  Due to the
length and nature of the data, two listings are offered, one of which is
broken into two separate files for ease of transport. 

Observation sequences are included starting from their appearance in a
short-term time line (the list of observations telemetered to the 
satellite).  At this stage, the observation should be done but there always
exists the possibility of satellite failure or lack of target aquisition 
which will affect exposure times.  Because of this, final information can
only be achieved after the observations have been processed by SASS and
the list made complete only a few months after an observation has been 
finished.  In producing this log, several files were merged and cross 
correlated, with not always consistent results.  We have made every effort 
to understand and eliminate any known inconsistencies, however, please 
contact the ROSAT GOF if any errors are found.

File Names and Sizes:

       masterlog1_1-5         1232455 bytes
       masterlog1_6-9         1102428 bytes
       masterlog2             1027478 bytes

These files were compiled from:
                     masterlog_mpe.960311  (from MPE)
                     rospublic    (96.099) (from BROWSE at GSFC)
                     rosatlog     (96.096)       "   "
                     rosdistrib   (96.094)       "   "

In addition this directory also contains the latest master log
file from MPE.

       masterlog_mpe.960311    652901 bytes   (1996, March, 11)

If there is a discrepancy between the masterlog#_#-# files and the 
masterlog_mpe.yymmdd file, the MPE file should take precedence.

File Contents:


Broken into two files by ROR number, for reasons of length.

   masterlog1_1-5  = ROR's      1 - 599999
   masterlog1_6-9  = ROR's 600001 - 999999

Indexed by ROR number, May have multiple lines of data per ROR
due to re-observations (extensions added) and filtered/unfiltered 
observations of the same target receiving the same ROR number.
The files contain the following information:

   ROR                 Instrument  Earth_Ang   Target #    PI_Lname
   Object name         RA          Sun_Ang     AO
   PI #                DEC         Constraints  Country
   ROSAT_day           LII         Night       Class
   Requested_exposure  BII         WF_Flt      Dist_Date
   Exposure            Zoom        X offset    Public_Date
   Completion Flag     Solar_Ang   Y offset    Seq_ID


Indexed by RA, it is a subset of Masterlog1, and may have multiple 
lines of data per ROR due to re-observations (extensions added) 
and filtered/unfiltered observations of the same target receiving 
the same ROR number.

This file contains the following information for ALL ROR's:

   ROR             RA                     Distribution_Date
   Name            DEC                    Completion Flag
   PI_Lname        Requested_Exposure     Public_Date
   Instrument      Exposure               Sequence_ID

KEY to Listings (Masterlog1 and Masterlog2)
ROR	   = The ROSAT observation request sequence number.
NAME       = The name of the target.
PI_#       = The Principal Investigator number.
RDAY       = The ROSAT day number at the start of the pointing (2 June 1990 
             has RDAY = 1). ROSAT day numbers between 1 and 60 are from the 
             performance verification (PV) phase, while day numbers greater 
             than ~256 are from the AO1 phase.
REQ_EXPS   = The requested exposure time in ksec.
EXPOSURE   = The exposure time in ksec. 
          ** PLEASE NOTE:  The `duration` shown here indicates only the 
             length of time that the telescope pointed in a certain direction; 
             it is NOT a total observation time.  Operational or other 
             problems may have occurred during the pointing which would cause 
             the total observation time to be less than the `duration` given 
             here.  The masterlog_mpe.yymmdd file provides the total SASS
             processed exposure times for GO observations.
F          = Observation complete ('Y' if >= 70% of requested time completed)
INST       = The prime instrument for this observation.
RA         = The RA in J2000 coordinates.
DEC        = The DEC in J2000 coordinates.
LII        = Galactic Longitude
BII        = Galactic Latitude
ZOOM       = Is the wide field camera zoom mode switched on for this 
SOL_ANG    = The solar aspect angle at the PREDICTED start of the 
ER_ANG     = The minimum Earth angle at the PREDICTED start of the 
SU_ANG     = The mean angle between the Sun and the spacecraft at the 
             PREDICTED start of the observation.
CONSTR     = The type of time constraint under which the observation was 
             scheduled, if any (i.e., monitoring observation, phase-dependent 
             observation, coordinated observation, or contiguous observation).
NGHT       = Percentage of the PREDICTED observation slot that the spacecraft 
             spends in the Earth's shadow.
WF_FLT     = The Wide Field Camera filter used for the observation.
XOFF       = X pointing offset.
YOFF       = Y pointing offset.
XFT        = The XRT filter wheel position (Open, Boron, or Closed).  During 
             reduced pointing mode (RORs 171nnn) the filter may be in the 
             open position for some fraction  of the observing slot even if 
             the filter position is given as closed.
T#         = The target number.
AO         = The proposal announcement of opportunity.
CC         = The originating country for this ROSAT Observation Request.
CLASS      = BROWSE classification flag.
DIS_DATE   = The date that the data were distributed to the Principal 
             Investigator (yy.ddd).
PUB_DATE   = The date the observation was made public (yy.ddd).
SEQ_ID     = sequence id (archive file name)
PI_LNAME   = The last name of the principal investigator.

Last update: 3/96

For help or to report errors, please contact:
   Michael Arida    ROSAT/ASCA GOF        arida@rosserv.gsfc.nasa.gov
                    LHEA/HEASARC          301-286-2291 (voice)