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ROSAT Status #143: ao.f bug fix

Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 10:55:16 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: electronic status report

A bug has been found in the ao.f program in the ESAS software package.
Lines 858 - 867 are: 
C  We've got a good time, so process
C  Set the hour angle
                IF(ISTYLE .EQ. 3) THEN
                    CALL FTGCFE(LUNO,15,IO,1,1,HOURANGLE,FLAGVALO,
     +                  ANYFO,STATUS)
                    CALL FTGCFE(LUNO,3,IO,1,1,X,FLAGVALO,
     +                  ANYFO,STATUS)
                    CALL FTGCFE(LUNO,4,IO,1,1,Y,FLAGVALO,

In line 863, "HOURANGLE" should be changed to "HOUR".

This bug only affected the analysis of ROSAT PSPC RDF data.  The effect
was to scramble the prediction of the scattered solar X-ray intensity.
This would cause rate_fit.o to not fit any true scattered solar X-ray
contribution to the light curve.  Any strong peaks would therefore 
appear as short-term enhancements.

Steve Snowden