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1997 HEAD Meeting

Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 11:49:45 -0700
Subject: 1997 HEAD Meeting

Dear Recipient,

        The following is the first announcement for the 1997 Meeting of
the High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD) of the AAS.  We have sent
this to various email lists and exploders and we apologize for any
duplication.  If you are interested and would like to remain on the HEAD
1997 Meeting announcement list, please send any email to:


ALL future announcements and registration information will be emailed only
to those that respond.  We expect to send 3 to 5 mailings and we will NOT
allow this list to be used for any other purpose than the 1997 HEAD

	Details can also be found at our website:


                                Eureka Scientific
                                Host, 1997 HEAD Meeting





       Sponsored by: ASCA, AXAF, CGRO, ROSAT, and RXTE projects

             * Incorporating RXTE and  AXAF Workshops *


                       November 4 - 7, 1997

                       Estes Park, Colorado

           "Gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park"


                   ABSTRACTS DUE AUGUST 1, 1997


The High Energy Astrophysics community has five outstanding missions 
currently in operation (ASCA, CGRO, ROSAT, BeppoSAX and RXTE) and others 
slated for launch in the next few years (AXAF, XMM, Spectrum X, ASTRO-E and 
INTEGRAL).  Excitement is particularly high this year for the recently 
launched RXTE and BeppoSAX missions with their timing capabilities and broad 
energy coverage.  Also, momentum is building for the launch next year of the 
powerful AXAF observatory.  The unprecedented diversity and quality of data 
available from the current missions and expected from the coming missions 
reinforces the clear need to communicate across missions and wavelength 
boundaries.  The AAS High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD) is holding its 
third Divisional meeting in Fall 1997 to provide a forum for this interchange.  

The meeting will cover observations and theory for all energies above ~100 
eV and for all scientific areas of high energy astrophysics, with links to 
the rest of the spectrum.  The sessions will be science-based, rather than 
mission-based.  Oral sessions will include plenary reviews plus contributed 
talks.  Ample time will be allowed for viewing papers in the poster 
sessions.  Evening discussion sessions may be organized on topics of current 
interest.  Anyone with a topic in mind for a special session, please contact 
Neil Gehrels (gehrels@gsfc.nasa.gov). The meeting will also incorporate 1/2 day 
workshops on data analysis for RXTE and on guest investigator opportunities for
AXAF.  Also, a special session or workshop will be held to discuss future 

The abstract book from the meeting will be published, but there will 
be no proceedings.  The Scientific Organizing Committee is listed below.


          See below for details of Abstract submission and form


Scientific Organizing Committee:

(HEAD Executive committee)

        Jill Bechtold
        David Burrows
        Lynn Cominsky (HEAD press officer)
        Martin Elvis (also AXAF)
        Gordon Garmire
        Neil Gehrels, Chair (also CGRO)
        Alan Marscher
        Dan McCammon
        Chip Meegan
        Paula Szkody
        Nick White (also ASCA)


        Jean Swank (RXTE)
        Rob Petre (ROSAT)

(Local Organizing Committee Chair)

        Webster Cash, University of Colorado, Boulder

                             MEETING DETAILS


	Estes Park is a delightful mountain village at the gateway to 
Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park.   Located about 30 minutes from 
Boulder, the village has been restored over the past several years to 
become one of Colorado’s premier vacation resorts.  It is known for 
its panoramic scenery, outdoor sports and, of course, The Rocky Mountain 
National Park.  Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuous paved highway in 
the United States is just a few miles from the center of town and takes 
you to the park in only half an hour.  

The Stanley Hotel is the site of the 1997 meeting. Built in 1909, 
The Stanley is  a completely refurbished historic hotel.  It  offers 
an elegant and relaxed atmosphere that echos the graciousness of a bygone era.
The Hotel will be featured this spring in a television version of 
"The Shining", directed by Stephen King.   The Hotel is within walking 
distance of Estes Park shops and dining.  We expect the weather to be cold 
in November, possibly with snow, so be prepared!  A variety of local tours 
can be arranged by the hotel including rock climbing, mountain biking 
(weather permitting), cross-country skiing, fly fishing, and hiking.   
The Stanley Hotel has only 120 rooms.  Additional rooms have been reserved 
at the Holiday Inn, Estes Park.  


Registration details will be emailed shortly to those on the head97
mailing list.  


For further information please visit the Eureka Scientific website at


or contact:

Eureka Scientific Inc.
2452 Delmer St. Suite 100
Oakland California  94602-3017

Phone (510) 530-1688
Fax   (510) 530-2416
email  eureka@netcom.com

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(email to head97@netcom.com)


Author(s) and Affiliation(s):

Subject Area: (choose one - delete the rest.)
Gamma-ray Bursts; Active Galactic Nuclei; Blazars; Clusters of Galaxies;
Galaxies; Deep Surveys; X-ray Binaries; Galactic Black Holes; Cataclysmic 
Variables; Stellar Coronae; Supernova Remnants; Isolated Pulsars; 
Interstellar Medium; Missions & Instruments; Workshops- XTE, AXAF

Abstract (Please attempt to keep below 400 words):

(We will format ASCII submissions in LaTeX for the abstract booklet or
you may submit a LaTeX formatted abstract.  A sample LaTeX format will
be emailed to those on the head97 mailing list.  Or it can be
downloaded from the website at http://www.eurekasci.com)

Poster or Oral presentation preferred?:
Contact person:

Please email (preferred) your abstract to:


You will be emailed a confirmation notice of receipt.
If you must use regular mail or FAX, please use the Eureka Scientific
address given above.

DO NOT send your abstract directly to HEAD or
the Scientific Organizing Committee.