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ROSAT Status report #161: NASA Research Announcement (NRA) 98-OSS-03

Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 13:36:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: NASA Research Announcement (NRA) 98-OSS-03


Please note that the NASA Research Announcement (NRA) 98-OSS-03,
Research Opportunities in Space Science 1988 (ROSS 98), released on
February 5th:


includes the Astrophysics Data Program (ADP):


(for the HTML version; PDF, PostScript etc. versions are also available).

In addition to the traditional ADP proposals (Type A, for archival research),
this NRA calls for Type B proposals: The latter category is for observers who have
already been awarded observing time on current observing cycles for ROSAT
(Cycle 8) or ASCA (Cycle 6), and seek funding support for data reduction
and analysis of the resulting observations.  Although it is possible to
recycle the text originally submitted to ROSAT for observing time, this
NRA allows you the option of using merged/revised text, possibly including
an archival research element.

Notices of Intent are due on March 5th, proposals are due on May 4th.

Please refer to the OSS web pages above for further details.

We apologize for those of you who receive two almost identical copies of
thes notice, one from ASCANEWS and one from ROSNEWS.