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ROSAT News #163:SAX AO2 Program Available

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1998 2:32:54 -0500
Subject: SAX AO2 Program Available

    SAX AO2 Program Available - Budget submission via ADP Program

In addition to ROSAT (Cycle 8) or ASCA (Cycle 6) proposers,
BeppoSAX observers at U.S. institutions who have been awarded
observing time through the recent BeppoSAX AO2 may submit a
Type B proposal to the Astrophysics Data Program (ADP) for data
analysis support.

As with Type B proposals for ROSAT and ASCA, Type B Proposals for
BeppoSAX may supplement the primary data reduction
and analysis of new observations with data analysis of relevant
public-domain archival data from BeppoSAX and other space astrophysics
missions.  Type B Proposals may contain either the text originally
submitted to BeppoSAX for observing time or merged/revised text.

Proposers should e-mail a Notice of Intent stating the title,
PI/CoI team, satellite data to be used, and category (from
the table on p. A2.4-3 of the NRA) to deb.tripp@hq.nasa.gov;
this will facilitate the review process. ADP proposals are due
May 4, 1998.

For complete details, see the description of the Astrophysics Data
Program in the NASA Research Announcement titled "Research
Opportunities in Space Science 1998" at

     http://www.hq.nasa.gov/office/oss/nra/98-oss-03/ .

The list of accepted SAX AO2 proposals can be found on the HEASARC
BeppoSAX US Guest Observer Facility Web pages at


Paul Hertz (paul.hertz@hq.nasa.gov)
Code SR, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC 20546-0001
Voice: 202-358-0351   FAX: 202-358-3097