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ASTRO-E News no.1: Cycle 1 due date reminder & call for reviewers

Welcome to the ASTRO-E News mailing list.

The ASTRO-E News email exploder broadcasts information on important
events relating to the ASTRO-E satellite and mission.  Some of the
items will be relevant only to those of you based in the US; others
will be intended to reach the worldwide community of astronomers with
interests in the X-ray band.

You have been included on this list, because you are on our 'heasarcnews'
list, which includes users of CGRO, ASCA, RXTE and others who have
expressed an interested in HEASARC-related missions.

If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list,
you can send email to <Majordomo@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov> with the 
following command in the body of your email message:

    unsubscribe astroenews


REMINDER: ASTRO-E Guest Observer proposals are due on 1999 September 17.
Further information can be obtained from:


[Also see:
for the procedures for proposal submission to ISAS and to ESA, respectively.]

There are several recent additions/updates under our "Proposals and
Planning Tools" link:

(1) A slightly updated SWG target list (in PostScript and HTML versions).
(2) Updated simulation matrices for the HXD.
(3) Important notes on the XRS calibration source --- this will be a dominant
   source of noise for faint sources.  We urge you to include this in your
   simulation when deciding on the feasibility of an observation, except for
   bright (>10 c/s) sources.



We would also like to use this opportunity to invite US-based astronomers to
volunteer for the ASTRO-E Cycle 1 peer review, if you're not a Science Working
Group member and have not volunteered already.  The broad participation of
the astronomical community is the key to the selection of the best proposals,
and we need your help!  The review is scheduled for November 8-10 in Baltimore.