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ASTRO-E2 News #006: AO-1 Approved Target List

Announcement of approved target list of Astro-E2 AO-1

We greatly appreciate so many proposals were submitted to the Astro-E2
AO-1 program through ISAS, NASA and ESA. We would like to announce the
target list approved for AO-1 observations on the following web page.


As far as the launch of Astro-E2 is concerned, JAXA decided to launch
it no earlier than April 2005, unfortunately (detailed explanation can
be found on the same Web page).  Though we have mentioned the AO-1
observations would be performed from September 2005 (roughly 7 months
after the launch), it will be shifted with the same amount of time of
the launch delay.

                                      	 		Hideyo Kunieda
A service of the U.S. Astro-E2 Guest Observer Facility, NASA/GSFC.

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